I Won My Cheating Husband Back — Now I’ll Drop a Bombshell When He Least Expects It

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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with infidelity, as reactions can vary greatly from person to person. Some might feel the need to address the situation head-on, seeking clarity and resolution, while others may choose to take a more measured approach, opting for long-term strategies. Recently, a married woman on Reddit discovered that her husband had been unfaithful while she was busy adjusting to her new life with their newborn. Instead of immediately reacting, she took her time to carefully plan out her revenge.

She wrote:

“I came across texts my husband exchanged with a woman while having access to a synced tablet. It turned out his affair began when I was postpartum. I love him deeply, and it felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces.

I knew that I would never let this go and forgive him, but my curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know why. I wanted to know what she had that I didn’t. So, I became obsessed with reading every single chat they’ve had.

He felt like he was alive again. He was happy and excited. She’s single and childless, so she had all the time in the world to make him her priority. He felt seen and desired by her, while I was overwhelmed with the arrival of our baby and didn’t give him attention as much as before.”

She added:

“I still had access to the texts they exchanged on our common tablet, but of course, he was unaware of it. I read thousands of messages between them until I came up with an evil plan. I started being everything he fantasized about. In the beginning, it felt weird for me, and he was confused, but I just went on.

Every time he made plans with her, I found a way to make him stay, or I made sure that I sent him exhausted to her. The texting between them became less and less frequent, and the passion and excitement seemed to subside with time. Soon, answering her became more of a chore for my husband. She started complaining.

He started pulling away. He was happier at home. He started texting me again during the day, saying he couldn’t wait to come home to me. The sweetest texts of how he missed me. He was his old self again.

One day, what I planned and waited patiently for happened. He ended things with her. He told her that he still loved me. Her services weren’t needed, in other words. I felt relief, and at last, I could proceed with my second plan.”

She went on saying:

“I’ve had meanwhile secured an apartment for my baby and me, and I have put everything in order and prepared for custody. Shared or otherwise. I have divided the money and transferred my share to a third account, and it will stay there until the divorce proceedings and the dividing of the assets. Now I am preparing for my divorce. He will get the papers the day I leave for my new life with my baby in my new apartment.

I know I will get a lot of hate for this, because I have ‘neglected’ my husband and pushed him to seek solace in another woman’s arms, when I apparently could have given him what he sought all along. However, in my defense, I didn’t do it intentionally.

Our lives had just been altered drastically with the arrival of our baby, and I was trying to navigate this new and exciting chapter. I was immersed in this new kind of happiness that I thought I was sharing with him. And I was trying to get to know my new body, that I couldn’t recognize anymore.

He could have come to me with his hurt. He could have talked to me about his suffering. He could have tried to make me understand, but he chose not to. He decided to deceive me. He ruined our love and our future together.”

Other Redditors expressed their support for her by commenting on the post:

  • He’s an adult, presumably knows how to use his big boy words. He could have talked to you first about feeling x, y or z, but instead he chose to cheat. He chose to hurt you when you were at your most vulnerable.
    He lost you. This is his loss, not yours. I wish you all the unconditional love, happiness, good health, wealth and positivity moving forward for you and your loved ones. © notthelizard***als / Reddit
  • He lied and cheated, all because he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted. He chose to find it with someone else instead of talking to you about everything. You literally just grew and gave life to a human, your body changed, your hormones were still out of whack, you were adjusting to a different life. He was more worried about himself versus you and HIS child. If this is what you needed to do to help heal from his betrayal, then so be it! © trvllvr / Reddit
  • What you did is “cold”. But it is right. It is appropriate. You are the person living it, this is your truth, so you deem what is the reaction to have. He blew up your lives, and not you.
    Blaming yourself is like him throwing a rock in the water and getting mad at the waves. You are the waves. You are the reaction to his actions. You aren’t making these choices to end it all, he did when he threw the rock.
    You do what’s best for you and your baby. You got this. You are crazy strong. I’m so proud of you. Take care of your heart and mind and your little one. © International-Leg253 / Reddit
  • I don’t think he just cheated on you. He cheated your child as well. He wanted to go out and live out a fantasy where he was with this woman. And it was probably a lot easier to be with her than you and the kid.
    He had no real responsibility to her. He didn’t have to worry about bills, or changing diapers. He will probably go crying to her after you leave him, and after a few months of having to deal with real life with her, he’s going to be miserable with her too. He was living life with you and a fantasy with her. And both of those are going to crash down for him. © porcelain_doll_eyes / Reddit
  • As someone whose ex-husband did the same, all I can say is I wish I had the strength to do what you did. I completely understand wanting to win him back, only to know deep down that he’s no prize worth having. Please, let go of feeling embarrassed or shamed, those are for him to feel. You are an amazing woman who has the courage to go out and live her best life and establish a good, loving environment for her child. Sending you all the love and support possible. © WinnerAdventurous647 / Reddit

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