If You Ever Feel Sad, These 30 Sleeping Cats Will Make You Smile

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Many cat owners are fully aware of just how bizarrely and adorably their pets can sleep. Whether it be in a ball, like a human, or in a strange place, there are always new positions for them to discover, melting our hearts as they do so and always putting us in a better mood.

At Bright Side, we decided to compile a bunch of these cute, weird acts. So if you’re in a bad mood, looking at these sleeping kitties are a sure way to lift your spirits.

1. “Her name is Audrey. She is the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen, and she fell asleep in my roommate’s pocket like this. Looks comfortable.”

2. This cat is obviously comfortable, though no one knows how!

3. It’s been a very long day!

4. All schooled out...

5. There has never been a kitty as content as this one.

6. Like father, like son...

7. Sending out those ZZZs...

8. “My wife and my cat”

9. Sleeping upside down is obviously the best way to sleep.

10. “Very few things disturb her sleep.”

11. “It has always amazed me how cats can look so comfortable in the most uncomfortable places.”

12. All cuddled up

13. “Glad YOU found them comfy.”

14. “Just my cat doing yoga”

15. A CD rack is the best destination for a cat nap.

16. “My girlfriend just found him outside sleeping like this.”

17. A camouflaged munchkin taking a quick snooze

18. 2 sisters cuddling in a huddle

19. A literal “Puss in Boots”!

20. “If it fits...I will sleep.”

21. This little baby wants to sleep like a human.

22. “I found this nice bread bed.”

23. You can see the tiny toe beans below this tired angel.

24. 2 cases of food comas

25. A drain pipe makes the perfect bed.

26. This kitty is all snuggly and cuddly.

27. “Sleeping on a fort in coastal Morocco”

28. “Don’t bother me when I’m sleeping!”

29. “Paperwork is hard.”

30. “Who can take a nap without a little cuddle with Mom first?”

How can you resist these adorable sleeping kittens? Let us know which one was your favorite in the comments, and post your furry babies too!

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