If You Have a Sweet Tooth, These 13 Products Will Help Pave the Way to Your Heart

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Consuming sugary snacks is good for you if you’re stressed. The 2 most common types of stress — psychological and physical — could be successfully self-medicated by eating or drinking sweets because it decreases the production of the related hormone, glucocorticoid.

Whether you are stressed right now or not, we invite you to check out a bunch of great products that we left here. If you are not on a diet and are brave enough not to spend all your money on these treats, let’s dive in!

1. This giant bar of chocolate will last ages! It is 4.5 kg and could be a nice gift for a Toblerone lover. It tastes identical to the smaller-sized product.

2. A box that contains a great selection of the best traditional British old-fashioned sweets from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. It comes in a classic red box with a luxury bow design.

3. Wish somebody a happy birthday with this 40% milk chocolate bar with a congratulatory message. The manufacturer offers the best possible taste by having cacao as their number-one ingredient.

4. A piece of art and a delicious treat combined in one! These 9 Belgian truffles are made by hand. Each one represents a planet and has its unique flavor. You can put it on a cake as an element of decor or enjoy just it like it is.

5. This box full of candy is great for making cute token gifts. Or you can eat as much candy as you want. Either way, the product is worth buying. There are over 200 mini chocolates and 9 different bars.

6. Here is a mixture of different types of baklava, a sweet pastry made of layers. It is filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup. Bite-sized treats are made in London from a Lebanese recipe. Shipped when absolutely fresh.

7. A lovely tin filled with tasty treats. It makes a great little present. For sure, it can be a gift from you to you. These Italian sweets and chocolates are handmade. They are also free of gluten and anything artificial.

8. Flying saucers are a classic. This addictive candy is sherbet-filled and great for party bags. Warning: This product was packed in a facility that handles nuts.

9. This box of sweets is giant. If you have a lot of company, the “Best of British” pick and mix is a great choice. You will be pleased to find a great selection of retro candy inside.

10. These heart-shaped tins are a cute way to show you care. Each box is filled with a small packet of white mints. And for those who prefer other sweets, alternative fillings are available. It can be jellybeans and chocolates (pink, red, blue, white, lilac, or mixed colors). The size is 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 2 cm.

11. Mini marshmallows are great to top off your beverage or as a light snack. Be careful not to eat the whole bag at once because it is huge! It contains no less than 1 kg of these treats.

12. A festive box of beautifully shaped chocolates. They are made according to Hotel Chocolat’s motto: “more cacao, less sweet.” So, if you’re a fan of rich tastes, you’ll love it. It comes in a tasteful window box and makes a good gift.

13. A chocolate bomb trio will bring you some fun before you eat it. They are made by hand from Belgian chocolate. Each ball is filled with cute mini marshmallows. You just need to drop each ball into hot milk or another drink and enjoy the result. Mmm, yummy.

What sweets are your favorites? Do they manage to cheer you up every time you eat them?

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