Internet Users Share 16 Fashion Trends They’d Like to Ban by Law

2 years ago

Glossy magazines keep posting thousands of articles about what’s trendy and what’s not with each season (or even more frequently). However, the choice of stylists and fashion designers doesn’t always look appropriate in everyday life. Internet users decided not to hold themselves back and spoke out about all of their thoughts on what fashion trends annoy them the most in a thread.

The Bright Side editorial team has avidly read all the opinions and couldn’t pass by the most eye-catching comments.

  • I don’t like large logos. I’ll see a shirt I like with an oversized polo, man. It ruins the shirt. © wtn06 / Reddit
  • The shorts I’m wearing right now have fake back pockets. I’ve tried putting my phone in my back pocket about 10 times today and am ready to just rip the shorts off my legs at this point. Yes, I checked to see if they were sewn shut. They’re just fake. © OutrageousMix5145 / Reddit
  • I’m from the UK and bought some cheap T-shirts a few years ago, and one of them had the name of some university on it. A few months later, I’m out shopping and a tourist comes up to me all excited telling me he went to that university and asked when I graduated and I felt bad explaining to him it was some $3 T-shirt and I’ve never heard of the place. © Lextube / Reddit
  • Clothes that are cute until you look up close and the back says something like, “But first, coffee.” © TaiPer077 / Reddit
  • The way that so much of women’s clothing has unfathomable sheer panels or cut-outs in it. If I’m searching for a woolly jumper in the dead of winter, do you really think I want it to have a sodding cut-out at the neckline so that my delicate collarbones can get frostbite? Why would I be interested in a jumper made of the thickest wool known to mankind with a backless turtleneck? I don’t want a T-shirt that exposes just the band of my bra and a weird 7-inch window between my shoulder blades. Why do you think I want to expose 3 inches of random skin between my bosoms, in such a way that any bra would show? The number of times I’ve seen a nice dress that has piqued my sartorial interest and then I’ve turned it around and found that there’s a solid 2 feet of fabric missing from neck to crack. It annoys me immeasurably. © teashoesandhair / Reddit
  • I don’t like EXTREMELY ripped jeans. Every year it gets worse and worse. © CookiesChoco / Reddit
  • I don’t like a uniform that is easily stained. I work at a truck dealership and they used to make us wear khakis. Even the warehouse and parts employees. It is impossible to get grease or coolant stains out. Before, we just decided to ignore that rule and everybody was walking around with all kinds of fun and dubious stains. © -tehd***advocate- / Reddit
  • Sick and tired of cropped clothing, so many shirts these days are made to pair with high-waisted pants. As someone with a large bust, I find they just ride up and expose too much, even if I have high-waisted jeans. I just want regular-length shirts!! © Unknown author / Reddit
  • When I was in high school, a lot of people would wear moccasins and elite socks. © PrimeVector19 / Reddit
  • I don’t like the lack of pockets on women’s trousers. And even if they have pockets, they’re so shallow that you can barely fit your phone in. Also, I absolutely love skirts and dresses with pockets, but those are pretty rare as well. © Violet_Hill / Reddit
  • Not sure what fashion trends are hot at the moment in other countries or cities, but here in Dublin, Ireland, cycling shorts are having a moment and they look hideous. They don’t look good at all on any girl. © LasRua / Reddit
  • I hate boxy jeans. Skinny jeans make me look amazing. They may not always be nice to my belly fat, but paired with a good shirt, I can look amazing. Plus, I hate the way it feels when the cuffs of regular jeans swish against each other. © Rocket-Tree / Reddit
  • A lot of Gen Z fashion is dressing like a boomer at a cookout. Chunky shoes with mom jeans, the largest T-shirt you can find, and a bucket hat?? I guess I’m old now. © skeletonqueen1993 / Reddit
  • Those cold shoulder shirts (shirts with the shoulders cut out but that still have sleeves). They rarely look stylish and almost always look cheap. © Fearless_Lab / Reddit
  • I never was willing to wear Crocs until I tried a pair of their flats, which don’t look like their normal clogs. They were so comfortable. So when I ended up working at a hospital, I broke down and bought a pair of their work clogs (no holes, better tread). And I can’t go back. I figure if anyone cares that I wear Crocs while I’m in scrubs at a hospital, they don’t have their priorities in order. But they definitely aren’t worn for looks. © TurtleZenn / Reddit
  • I’m not a fan of those wide panel sandals with the fur/fake fur over them. They look like you’re wearing slippers out in public. © LeggoTart / Reddit

If you had a magic wand, what clothes would you remove from the wardrobes of people all over the world once and forever?

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Seriously crop and sheer clothes hate them, can't wait for this "trend" to be done with. I never find decent work blouses that are not sheer, cropped or have cut-outs. I usually have to go to the men's section and find some shirts that'll fit me. I feel odd shopping in the men's section and the guys from work call me a guy but whatever atleast I'm decent and look professional.


Man oversized clothes. Everything oversized.
Now I don't know about you people but I am a petite girl and all I see is people of my generation wearing baggy clothes- baggy tshirts, baggy jeans, everything flashy and baggy. And I've been ridiculed several times when I don't follow these trends. I know comfort is the key and I agree with that but WHEN DID FASHION BECOME SO WORSE?!!!!! Its like I'm having a flashbacks of old school male rappers everytime I see it. I don't care what other people say, BUT THEY LOOK LIKE STAMP TRAMPS!!!!!!
I follow fashion and I know that they won't last long or I just don't know but I just hate things where everything's oversized. And I feel bad for the user who commented on fashion of our generation.


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