Internet Users Share Their Grannies’ Wedding Photos That Could Outshine Even a Vogue Cover

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2 years ago

Brides put in a lot of effort to look stunning on this important day: trying on a bunch of dresses, doing test hairstyles and makeup, and getting up as early as possible on their wedding day. And all of these worries about their look don’t just concern modern girls. Our grannies also did their best to knock everyone’s socks off with their beauty. Fortunately, they had a tradition of wedding photo shoots as well, thanks to which we can see at their looks today.

Bright Side couldn’t miss the nostalgic posts from Reddit users who shared their grandmothers’ photos from before they finally got to say, “I do!” As a bonus, we found a wedding photobomb that dates back to 1927.

1. “Grandma’s wedding picture from the mid-1930s”

2. “My grandmother on her wedding day, 1953”

3. “My grandma just showed me this photo. It’s her wedding day in 1970.”

4. “New York, 1945. My grandma, wearing the dress she made while studying costume design”

5. “My grandmother in her wedding dress sometime in the ’60s”

6. “1954 — My grandmother’s wedding day picture, she was gorgeous!”

7. “My paternal grandmother’s wedding day, 1924”

8. “My grandma looked radiant on her wedding day despite a snowstorm, 1940”

9. “My grandmother is 18 years old here. This photo was taken on her wedding day, 1945.”

10. “My grandmother’s wedding photo. She’s freaking stunning. February 13th, 1960”

11. “My grandma is exiting a Studebaker on her wedding day in 1956. They still have the car today and it’s fully restored.”

12. “My grandmother on her wedding day in her parent’s parlor, 1935”

13. “My beautiful great-grandma on her wedding day, 1927”

14. “Grandma on her wedding day in 1966 in Tecolotlan, Mexico”

15. “My grandmother in the traditional Indian bridal dress, 1965”

16. “My Grams in all her glory on the most important day in her life, the 1950s”

17. “My grandma looks stunning on her wedding day, 1947. Just check out that arched eyebrow.”

18. “My grandmother agreed to marry my grandfather on the condition that she would get to wear a pink dress, 1970.”

19. “Last preparations before the wedding, 1958”

20. “I wore my grandmother’s wedding dress from 1956 for my own wedding in 2019. Fit like a dream.”

Bonus: “The pig ran through my grandparents’ wedding photo, 1927.”

How did you look or plan to look on your wedding day? Which of these dresses would you wear at the altar?

Preview photo credit stinachu / Reddit


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I don’t care what anyone says, most of these are definitely still in style. The silhouettes, the sleeves, the fabrics! All exquisite! Sure, you see “modern” or “simpler” options in stores, but I would wear a lot of these. Shall I mention my dress had a 40s vibe and the venue + music as guests came in was from the 30s. Check out Milky Way Farms in Pulaski, TN. Many are outdoor, but we liked the charm of the inside of the 1930s mansion, built by Mars candy founder. If you want to listen to some dreamy music from that era, check out Al Bowly, The Ink Spots, or Ruth Etting.


The women from 1935 looks really good, very attractive women!


That's amazing, I wonder if my granny has pictures like this


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