“It’s a Stomach, It’s a Part of Me and I Love It,” This Woman Shares How She Celebrates Her Fupa

6 months ago

This confident woman lost over 100 pounds and now has loose skin on her stomach. Despite the divided opinions on social media, she continues to share body-positive messages. Not afraid to show up her stomach, she embraces her “fupa” (fatty upper pubic area), and refuses to hide it.

In a video, we saw the red-haired girl wearing a black crop top, and she happily showed her stomach. She pulled down her tracksuit bottoms, revealing her “squishy” belly, and said, “It’s a stomach, it’s a part of me and I love it.

In the video, the woman who promotes body positivity lip-synced to a sound that said, “I’m not hiding my fupa anymore.”

A “fupa” stands for “fatty upper pubic area,” and while some women might find it bothersome, this woman proudly shares that she’s okay showing off hers.

In a different video, the girl wore a bikini and recorded herself coming out of the ocean, and walking toward her camera. She struck a pose, ran her fingers through her hair, and playfully stuck her tongue out for her followers. She says, “Making people look twice always makes me smile harder.”

Your tummy is your best accessory, show it,” she said as the audio reads, “Your stomach, your belly, your pooch, whatever you want to call it does not take away from your outfit. Yes, we can see it in your outfit. We can see it because it’s there and that’s ok. You and your outfit look good with your stomach showing, not in spite of it showing. So go have fun.”

While we bask in the love for our bodies and proudly embrace our FUPA, the empowerment journey continues. Brace yourselves for our next feature, where we introduce you to the extraordinary woman who shattered stereotypes and clinched the title of the first plus-size winner of Miss Universe Nepal 2023.

Preview photo credit bbapplehoney / Tiktok


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