Jennifer Lopez Reveals That Her Teenage Twins Are Refusing to Follow the Rules

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Jennifer Lopez shared a relatable parenting moment when she spoke about the challenges of being a mom to 2 teenagers. The actress, dancer, and singer revealed that her twins, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, have entered their “rebellious” phase. And she also opened up about why she thinks this attitude can actually be beneficial in the long run.

The twins, Emme and Max, turned 15 years old this year.

Lopez took to Instagram to celebrate her kids’ birthday last February 22. She posted a video containing personal photos and videos of their family and captioned it, saying, “Happy birthday to my beautiful, brilliant coconuts.”

“I am so proud of you both in every single way. You bring so much joy and happiness to my heart and soul. I love you beyond forever,” she added.

Apart from the behind-the-scenes pics and videos, the Hollywood star also shared a rare photo of their blended family dining together, showing her kids’ good relationship with their stepdad Ben Affleck.

According to Lopez, Emme and Max have entirely different personalities despite being twins.

“They’re like yin and yang. They stay true to who they were from when they were born.” Lopez further described Emme as her “mini-me” and Max as a “mini-Marc.”

“Emme’s like super-focused and super-sensitive, quiet and focused, and Max’s kind of off the charts, lots of energy, super-funny.”

Emme, who uses gender-neutral pronouns, admitted that they and Max also come across challenges, like any other siblings. “OK, so my brother, he’s crazy sometimes. He’s very loud in a good way, of course... Yeah, so he’s a challenge to get along with because he’s my brother,” they said.

But one thing they do have in common is their love for music and the arts. Max made his acting debut in Lopez’s movie, Marry Me, while Emme sang and performed with their mother.

Lopez has expressed unconditional support for her kids for whatever career they want. “I know that from being an artist myself. Nobody can stop me from doing what I love to do.”

At 15 years old, the twins have started to unravel their “rebellious” side.

Lopez appeared as a guest on the Today Show, where she was asked about Emme and Max. “They’re teenagers. They’re giving it to me,” she said playfully.

“They are becoming adults. They are challenging everything in life. They are looking at everything. And these kids have so much information, so much more than we had, so they’re thinking and talking about things and life in a different way that I did when I was 15 or 16 years old.”

When the host quipped that she felt like the older generation followed the rules, Lopez quickly responded, “Yeah, and they (her kids) don’t!”

However, Lopez sees this defiant behavior as something that could benefit society. “They are challenging everything and looking at everything, which is great, I think, for our world. I think they are going to change the world. They’ll make it so much better... than what we did.”

Parenting adolescents is not the only thing that Lopez has to deal with. After tying the knot with Affleck in 2022, Lopez and her kids moved in and blended families with their stepdad. Lopez described it as an emotional transition but also a dream come true.


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