Jessica Simpson Reveals the Heartbreaking Birthday Wish Her Daughter Made

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6 months ago

Jessica Simpson had a bittersweet moment as she celebrated her daughter’s birthday while also revealing some devastating health news regarding a close family member. And as the family marked Maxwell turning 11, the mom-of-3 shared how proud she was of her daughter for supporting a selfless cause as her birthday wish.

A message from a mom’s heart

The 42-year-old singer shared a lengthy message with her over 6 million Instagram followers in honor of her oldest daughter’s birthday, along a sweet photo of the mom and daughter duo beaming with joy as Maxwell holds her up.

She started by writing ’’On May 1, 2012, my firstborn, Maxwell Drew Johnson, arrived into this life as a sentient being seemingly not of this world.’’

Jessica went on sharing how blessed she felt by having her daughter and noted, ’’I felt her purpose in my life when I was a kid.’’ She added, ’’It is evident that Maxwell was already living inside of my heart and my purpose.’’

Simpson shared that her daughter’s birthday party was ’’FRANKLIN FARM LIFE HAPPY!’’.

In her message, the star also revealed, ’’Maxwell’s birthday wish was for her Papa Joe’s bone cancer treatment to work.’’ And she added, ’’It did.’’ And then she addressed her firstborn directly, saying, "Thanks for usin’ your wish on our family and most importantly, my Dad.’’

The proud mother then went on listing a series of qualities to describe Maxwell, including ’’intelligent, passionate, generous, loving, devoted, inspiring.’’

She then concluded her touching tribute by writing, ’’The faith of a child is what keeps all of us ALIVE.’’

This is her dad’s second battle with the disease.

In September 2016, Joe Simpson, who is now 65 years old, received a diagnosis of prostate cancer, which he publicly confirmed in November of that same year. Thankfully, he was declared cancer-free in May 2017.

Jessica Simpson has been going through a lot of changes recently, including a total body transformation which left us speechless.


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