Julia Roberts Honors Her Husband on His Birthday, but People Bring Up an Unknown Woman

4 months ago

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have been married since 2002, making them one of Hollywood’s longest love stories. To celebrate her husband’s 55th birthday, Roberts posted a heartfelt photo of them together, followed by a sincere caption. While many fans showered them with warm words, others raised questions about how their relationship actually began.

AP/East News

The 56-year-old actress shared a cozy photo with her husband, Danny, to mark his 55th birthday on Wednesday. She captioned the post, “Happy Birthday to this amazing man who lights up our world.” The message was accompanied by sparkling emojis, lightning bolts, and a hashtag mentioning his birthdate, “131.”

The endearing photo showcases Julia cozied up to her spouse, sharing tender glances with each other.

Many fans were quick to shower this gorgeous couple with their love as the post gathered over 700,000 likes on Roberts’ Instagram.

The media widely spread her affectionate gesture, and although many admire the enduring nature of this couple’s story, some mentioned the beginning of their romance and Danny Moder’s first wife, makeup artist Vera Steimberg.

One person commented, “They broke up a marriage for each other,” while another expressed support for Vera, saying, “Team Vera.” A third person added, “I bet he used to light up Vera’s world too.”

We love how this beautiful couple still appears to be completely enamored with each other after more than 20 years of marriage. And just last year, Julia described Danny as the ’captain of our ship’ during a TV appearance.

Hollywood is full of power couples, but no story has perhaps been followed for longer than that of Harry Potter’s own Daniel Radcliffe. He grew up in the spotlight and the world has got to see him become a family man. Much like the movies that catapulted him to stardom, his love story with fellow actress Erin Darke is pure magic.


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