Justine Bateman Defends Herself After Being Called “Old” at 40 and Why She Wants to Age Naturally

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People often have a habit of freezing celebrities in their minds when they were at the peak of their fame, forgetting that they are human beings who age like everyone else. In addition, the widespread use of cosmetic surgery and fillers today further distorts our perception of how people naturally look as they age. However, fortunately, there are still some celebrities who remind us that there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking different as we age compared to our younger years.

Justine proudly embraces her age.

If you were a kid or teenager in the ’80s and ’90s, you probably remember Justine as Mallory Keaton from the popular TV show Family Ties. But after that, she shifted her focus from acting to working behind the scenes. Now, she’s a successful author and director. In a recent interview, the actress, now 57 years old, came back into the spotlight to share an important message with all women concerned about getting older.

When she reached her 40s, people considered her “old.”

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Justine didn’t think about getting older until she had to search for something online. She wanted to research and refresh her memory about something that happened during her fame. But when she typed her name, Justine Bateman, into Google, the search autocomplete suggested: “looks old.” This happened when she was only around 40 years old.

That revelation actually boosted her self-confidence.

When questioned whether she had ever considered cosmetic procedures, Justine explained that plastic surgery would cause her to “lose all of her authority.” She expressed contentment with her current appearance and emphasized that she finds satisfaction in the visible signs that indicate she has evolved into a different individual from her younger self.

She even decided to write a book about her experiences.

Justine doesn’t criticize those who choose to undergo beauty treatments to appear younger, but she does express a feeling of sadness for them. She explains that she feels sorry for those so preoccupied with the idea of fixing their appearance that it distracts them from focusing on the meaningful aspects of life. In 2021, Justine Bateman released a book titled “Face: One Square Foot of Skin,” which addresses this significant issue.

Women shouldn’t spend too much time fixating on their looks.

Justine shared some exciting news: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your face!” she wrote as the caption for an Instagram post promoting her book. Justine draws from her experiences to illustrate society’s obsession with how women’s faces transform as they age. When asked about the beauty of aging, Justine firmly states that she doesn’t care about others’ opinions. She confidently asserts, “I think I look rad. My face represents who I am. I like it, and that’s basically the end of the road.”

Several notable figures in the public eye have made the conscious choice to embrace natural aging, rejecting the pressure to undergo cosmetic interventions. One such individual is Cameron Diaz, who boldly opted to age gracefully without relying on Botox or similar treatments. After an unpleasant experience where Botox altered her appearance in an unexpected manner, Diaz decided to embrace her natural features and allow the aging process to unfold authentically.

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