Kieran Culkin Makes an Emotional Speech at the Emmys, Leaving His Wife in Tears

5 months ago

Securing an Emmy can heighten interest in your projects as well as your talent. For Kieran Culkin, winning the coveted trophy would not only elevate the show he starred but enhance the prospects of expanding his family as well.

The new year started on a successful note for Kieran Culkin, as he got awarded at 2 major Hollywood events, the Golden Globe Awards and the Critics Choice Awards, in the span of just 8 days. Additionally, the 41-year-old Culkin secured an Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his portrayal of Roman Roy on Succession.

Taking the stage at the Emmys, he became emotional as he expressed gratitude to his mother “for giving me life and my childhood, which was great. So thank you for that.”

During his award acceptance speech, Culkin fulfilled a prediction made by his wife, Jazz Charton, regarding what might happen if he won the Emmy in his nominated category.

“Thank you for sharing your life with me and for giving me 2 amazing kids,” the actor said, addressing Charton, who was present in the audience. “And, Jazz, I want more. You said, maybe, if I win,” playfully reminding her of their prior conversation during his acceptance speech. This cute moment made his wife laugh and cry at the same time.


Upon exiting the stage, Culkin offered more context to his remarks in the press room. He shared that he and his wife had discussed the topic a few months prior.

“I’ve been asking for a while. My wife, Jazz, said, ’Maybe if you win the Emmy, haha.’ I didn’t bring it up for months, and then when I won the Globe, I said, ’Do you remember what you said?’ And she goes, ’No! What did I say?’ So, I told her, and it all came back to her. So, she spent the whole week being nervous. So, instead of talking to her in private like a human, I blasted it on stage, which was very rude. That’s it. That’s the whole story.”

When Macaulay Culkin, at the tender age of 10, shot to fame, his younger brother, Kieran, was just 8 years old. Even at such a young age, Kieran had a clear perception of the impact fame had on his older brother. To the public, Macaulay’s remarkable talent and rapid ascent to success were astonishing, yet his family perceived it through a different lens.

Preview photo credit Television Academy / YouTube, ROBYN BECK/AFP/East News


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