“I Don’t Want to Sleep With Anybody Anymore,” Linda Evangelista Explains Why She’s Over Dating

6 months ago

Linda Evangelista has garnered acclaim not only for her striking looks and successful modeling career but also for her independent and resilient personality. Despite some media speculation about her dating life, she has skillfully maintained a level of privacy. However, in a recent revelation, the star shared an update on her dating life and disclosed the reasons behind her choice to remain “unattached.”

The men of her life.

Back in the rad ’80s and ’90s, Linda Evangelista was basically the rockstar of the modeling world. This Canadian beauty wasn’t just strutting down runways—she was the muse for big shots like Versace and Lagerfeld.

But here’s the twist: Linda wasn’t just making headlines for her killer career. She dove into a wild ride when, at 22, she tied the knot with Gerald Marie, a French modeling-agency bigwig, who was 15 years her senior, in 1987. They seemed like the ultimate power couple—her, the world’s supermodel extraordinaire, and him, the big boss in the modeling biz. Fast forward to 1993, the couple broke up.

Kyle MacLachlan’s life intertwined with that of Linda Evangelista when they crossed paths during a shoot for a Barney’s department store commercial in 1992. Their chance meeting reportedly hastened the end of Evangelista’s marriage to Gerald Marie, with both admitting to an undeniable, electric chemistry. By 1995, Evangelista openly expressed her desire to marry MacLachlan, but the two eventually announced their separation.

Evangelista and Fabien Barthez, the famous French racing driver and former soccer goalkeeper, became a couple. Their relationship, characterized by on-and-off dynamics, encountered a tragic turn in 1999 when Evangelista faced the heartbreak of a stillborn child at six months. In the aftermath, Evangelista drew strength from her return to the modeling industry at the age of 36, gracing magazine covers and strutting runways for major fashion houses, challenging conventional age norms.

In 2006, Evangelista, then 41, announced her second pregnancy without disclosing the identity of the father. The mystery unraveled when it was revealed that Francois-Henri Pinault, the billionaire CEO of a luxury conglomerate, was the father. Despite reported tensions surrounding the pregnancy, Evangelista welcomed her son, Augustin James Evangelista, in October 2006.

Maintaining a guarded stance on Augie’s paternity, Evangelista later found companionship in Peter Morton, a multi-millionaire restaurateur and co-founder of Hard Rock Café. Their paths crossed in 2006, during Evangelista’s pregnancy, but the relationship concluded in 2013.

A blended family with Salma Hayek

Reflecting on her romantic journey, she shared that, despite a couple of mistakes, she feels she has been truly blessed in love. According to her, she has had great relationships, but she now realizes that not all relationships are meant to last forever.

Acknowledging the beauty of solitude, she further explained that she has had some incredible moments of being alone but also said that: “Initially you don’t think so. But great things happen when you’re alone.”

Evangelista also disclosed some insights into her remarkable blended family dynamic. She has a son ,affectionately called Augie, from her previous relationship with billionaire François-Henri Pinault. It’s noteworthy that Salma Hayek, Pinault’s wife, and he welcomed their daughter Valentina in 2007 and later tied the knot in 2009.

In contrast to intricate custody-sharing arrangements or alternating holiday schedules, Evangelista shared that, rather uniquely, she typically spends holidays with the entire blended family, including her stepmotherly relationship with Hayek. Sharing a sweet memory, the model recalled a moment from a past Thanksgiving: “I was sick at Thanksgiving and Salma got on the plane with her daughter, came here, and made Thanksgiving dinner.”

This showcases the collaborative spirit of two strong women working together to foster family connections and build stable relationships.

She learned to raise her child without letting him feel the weight of her notoriety

Before Augie came along, Evangelista was pretty clear, saying, “I will have children in my life, of that I’m certain.” Then, motherhood took the stage, and she swapped the catwalk for strollers. By 2013, she was all about it, saying, “Motherhood is everything to me now. It’s the best. I’m so fulfilled.”

Even though Evangelista kept Augie away from the public eye when he was a kid, now that he’s a teenager, she throws us a few glimpses. Augie isn’t big on social media, no public accounts, and you won’t see him much on his mom’s Instagram.

In 2022, he tagged along with his mom to a fancy Fendi fashion show and the next year to the second annual Caring for Women Dinner. They rocked matching black suits, hand in hand on the red carpet. And for Augie’s 16th birthday, Evangelista shared a sweet post on Instagram with pics of their journey. The caption? “My heart. My light.”

As a single mom, her top priority is her family


Evangelista hinted that, aside from her modeling ambitions, her childhood dream involved creating a family where meaningful conversations could unfold at the dinner table, complemented by delightful meals. According to her, this vision has come to fruition with Augie.

Reflecting on her own upbringing, she mentioned that her father didn’t encourage conversation at the table, as he sought peace and quiet after a day filled with the constant noise of working. In contrast, Evangelista, now navigating single motherhood, expressed satisfaction in discovering contentment within the simplicity of her family dynamic with Augie. She underscored this sentiment by stating, “I am a single mother with a child—but that’s all you need to make a family, two people.”

Linda is not interested in dating anymore

Rolf Mueller/face to face fot. Face to Face/REPORTER/East News

In a recent interview Linda, 58, revealed that she has no plans to reenter the dating scene any time soon. Her candid remarks shed light on her current perspective on romance and intimacy. “I’m not interested,” she asserted when asked about her willingness to explore new relationships. Elaborating on her sentiment, she expressed a specific aversion to the idea of sharing a bed with someone, stating, “I don’t want to sleep with anybody anymore. I don’t want to hear somebody breathing.”

The famous model went on to share insights into her past experiences, revealing that her last venture into the world of dating occurred “definitely before the Cool-Sculpting.” This reference alludes to a cosmetic procedure aimed at fat reduction. The model explained that the outcomes of the Cool-Sculpting sessions, which took place from August 2015 to February 2016, were far from positive. According to her, the procedure resulted in her feeling “permanently deformed” and “brutally disfigured.”

Evangelista’s decision to prioritize her well-being and comfort over societal expectations highlights the importance of self-care and self-acceptance, even in an industry often driven by external standards of beauty and relationships.

Preview photo credit Rolf Mueller/face to face fot. Face to Face/REPORTER/East News, ANDREA RENAULT/AFP/East News


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