Martha Stewart Says She Doesn’t Wear Underwear and Reveals What She Wears Instead

month ago

Martha Stewart has once again graced headlines with her unapologetic take on fashion and lifestyle choices. In a recent revelation, the 82-year-old lifestyle mogul shared a surprising secret: she prefers not to wear traditional underwear. Let’s see what she had to say.

«I like bathing suits. I like wearing bathing suits under my clothes just in case I want to go swimming,» Stewart confessed at the Old Bags Luncheon in Palm Beach, Florida. «Bathing suits are my underwear. I don’t wear any of that structured stuff. No tight lace, no SKIMS for Martha. But I love SKIMS — I think they serve a very good purpose! But I don’t wear those. I only wear Aerie bathing suits under my clothes.»

This revelation not only sheds light on Stewart’s practical approach to fashion but also underscores her commitment to comfort and practicality. Despite her fondness for swimsuits as everyday wear, she acknowledges the value of shapewear like SKIMS, created by Kim Kardashian, expressing hope that the fashion icon wouldn’t mind her preference.

Stewart’s affinity for swimsuits extends beyond everyday wear. In 2023, she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at the age of 81, proof of her adventurous spirit. But her journey to the cover wasn’t without preparation. In an interview, Stewart detailed her rigorous skincare and wellness routines leading up to the shoot, which included Pilates, regular facials, and even a spray tan.

Stewart’s fearless embrace of swimwear as both fashion and function embodies her timeless appeal and firm confidence. Whether gracing a magazine cover or attending a luncheon in Palm Beach, she exhales a sense of poise and readiness, proving that true style knows no bounds. As Martha Stewart continues to inspire with her iconic presence and daring fashion choices, she reminds us all to embrace our individuality and be prepared for whatever adventures life may bring — swimsuits optional.


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