Meet Little Samuel, a Boy With a Rare Genetic Skin Condition Who Became a Supermodel

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Piebaldism is a rare genetic condition that can affect people of all nations and run in entire families. The most outstanding feature that people with this condition have in their appearance is a triangular patch of hair that doesn’t have any color pigment, typically located on people’s foreheads. Our featured hero today is a 9-year-old boy named Samuel Silva who has piebaldism just like his mom, but his condition was turned into a beautiful accessory that he now rocks as a model.

The boy’s condition caused a lot of different reactions.

Samuel Silva was born with a rare genetic skin condition that causes a melanin deficiency, resulting in patches of white on his skin and hair. This, together with the depigmented spots on his skin, has made him a subject of unwanted attention. Both the boy and his family face a lot of stares, comments, and other reactions, and this has been a real challenge for the family.

“Samuel attracts a lot of attention in public, like when he is shirtless on the beach, and you can see the white markings all over his body,” says Samuel’s uncle. “Strangers will come up and ask all sorts of ignorant questions, like if Samuel has been burned in an accident,” he continued. “Everyone is used to it and just explains what piebaldism is.”

There are people in Samuel’s family who totally understand how he feels.

The little boy inherited piebaldism from his mom and grandmother, who both have similar markings. The women definitely know of the struggle that comes along with this condition. Samuel’s grandmother, Dona, was forced to cover herself with long-sleeved tops and trousers, and his mom took on unwanted nicknames.

Initially, the boy’s parents were trying to make him look like other kids. They shaved his head to hide his “white crest,” but as time passed, they decided that their son should embrace his condition. To help him out and lift the boy’s self-esteem, the parents set up an Instagram account, which finally brought Samuel a modeling contract.

The modeling career started unexpectedly for the kid.

Samuel rose to fame when a children’s modeling agency called Sugar Kids caught wind of the unique boy and got in touch with his parents back in 2019. The outstanding Brazilian boy has since been featured in Junior Style London, Bazaar Kids, and Dixie Magazine.

He has also appeared in Toronto Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and London Kids Fashion Week, proudly walking the ramp like a real model. The world now has become Samuel’s oyster.

The boy’s new job helped him to finally love and embrace who he is.

Now, the boy really loves his uniqueness and embraces every feature that makes him different. He refers to his skin and hair markings as “beautiful stains.” His uncle says he’s very artistic, really loves to walk on the runway, and adores posing for photo shoots. Julio, his uncle, says, “He really thrives. He loves being the center of attention and traveling.”

Julio adds, “He has become the face of acceptance and inclusion in the children’s fashion industry, and we hope that other kids who feel different about themselves will see how well Samuel is doing and feel good about their own differences. Being different is not something we should hide — we have to embrace it, just like Samuel.”

All of Samuel’s family sincerely hopes that other children who have appearances that are different will be inspired by Samuel to embrace every feature they have.

What do you think about Samuel’s modeling perspective? Do you have some unique physical features that run in your family?


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