A Rising Star With Vitiligo Proves We Shouldn’t Worship Beauty Standards Anymore

4 months ago

Shahad Salman’s upbringing in the holy city of Mecca was anything but ordinary. While many people there lead traditional lives, Salman has always stood out as someone who was different. Living with vitiligo, a condition characterized by a loss of pigment in patches of the skin, could have been a significant obstacle for her modeling career. However, Salman is using her unique skin pattern to challenge beauty stereotypes and promote diversity in the fashion industry.

Shahad Salman is referred to as a “Saudi Winnie Harlow” and embodies representation.

In recent years, inclusion and representation have become more important than ever. Many fashion brands are stepping up to challenge traditional beauty standards and embrace diversity.

Multiple brands, such as GAP and Nike, are hiring models that represent real people, showcasing hijabs, Down syndrome, vitiligo, and other unique qualities on runways and editorial covers. By doing so, they are promoting inclusivity and breaking down societal barriers and stereotypes.

Winnie Harlow and Shahad Salman are names that have become synonymous with breaking barriers in the fashion industry. As models with vitiligo, a long-term skin condition that causes patches of skin to lose their pigment, they’ve challenged conventional beauty standards and promoted diversity on the runway.

Both models appeared on the cover of Vogue Arabia hoping to empower women across the region. Harlow called Salman gorgeous, and the girl has high potential to become a fashion icon.

The rising star never forgets those who’ve helped her through her journey.

Salman’s journey to success has been a challenging one. As a woman with vitiligo, she has faced societal pressures and expectations that constantly try to shape her into something she’s not. However, with the support of her family, she has overcome these challenges to become an advocate for individuality and inclusivity.

Salman credits her family with giving her the support to become the person she is today. They encouraged her to embrace her unique qualities and pursue her dreams, despite the obstacles in her path. Salman was able to develop the confidence and self-assurance needed to succeed in a world that is constantly trying to fit people into narrow boxes.

“I am very proud of myself because I have dealt with many different fields,” she shares. “In all my artwork, there is an imprint of my Arab culture that reflects our ancient Arab heritage.”

Every day is a challenge for this woman on her way to success.

“Challenging stereotypes is very important,” Salman says, “and having self-confidence, too. That’s one of my strongest features. Knowing that I can be a source of inspiration for people has helped me a lot. But ultimately, I am here because I never gave up. I knew where I was meant to be.”

Shahad Salman is not just breaking stereotypes in the fashion industry by representing unconventionally beautiful models, but also by shattering misconceptions about Muslim women. As a Saudi Arabian model based in Mecca, Salman is representing the region and fighting traditional beauty standards.

Through her work as a model and advocate for diversity and inclusivity, Salman is challenging societal expectations and encouraging others to embrace their unique qualities. Her success in the fashion industry is a testament to the power of individuality and the importance of representation.


She appears to have such a beautiful outlook to accompany her very stunning appearance. Her and Winnie are both very gorgeous women. I'm happy for her that she's been able to surpass the negativity in her life to become such a successful person. I hope all of her dreams come true.

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