Melissa McCarthy Is the Star of People’s 2023 “Beautiful Issue”

9 months ago

Melissa McCarthy, 52, felt ’’incredibly flattered’’ when she was selected for the cover of People magazine’s 2023 Beautiful Issue. She even joked that her first thought was, ’’Did my mom and my dad have the 2 main votes?’’ The star also had a touching message to give her younger self, who’d never imagined she would be where she is today.

Giving beauty a new angle.

The Bridesmaids actress believes that being on the cover of the Beautiful Issue will help redefine the meaning of today’s beauty standards.

McCarthy noted, ’’I mean I’m 52, and I just like that we’re kind of redefining what we want to kind of think could be beautiful, could be strong, could be anything. Because I think they’re all wrapped up together now.’’

Her husband’s love gave her power.

On a personal level, Melissa admits that this honor ’’felt like it was saying something really lovely to my younger self, to my 20-year-old self. Maybe to other people too.’’

The actress recalled growing up on a farm and going through a punk phase during her high school years, where she wore a mohawk and blue hair. McCarthy noted that this was the first-time people, even adults, commented on her looks.

The actress says that she only started to feel comfortable in her own skin in her 30s and accept who she is thanks to her husband and father of her two daughters, Ben Falcone.

The 52-year-old shared that Ben is ’’so constantly loving and kind, and funny.’’ She also humorously added that he is ’’the weirdest human I know."

Kindness toward yourself and others is what really matters.

The star also wants others to accept and love themselves for who they are. She noted, ’’When someone’s being their authentic self, and it hurts no one else in the world... The simplest rule is just be kind.’’

She also insists that we should be accepting of others even if they are different or we don’t agree with them. McCarthy noted, ’’Nobody has to think the same things. It’s okay to be curious and be like, ’I don’t understand what someone else is doing.’’’

The beauty concluded by emphasizing the power and importance of love, saying, ’’Loving who you love just puts more love in the world. And that has never, ever been a bad thing.’’


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