This Interabled Couple Rocks Their Love Life and Plans on Having a Baby Soon

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9 months ago

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward, the interabled couple behind the YouTube channel Squirmy and Grubs, have been breaking barriers and shattering misconceptions about relationships and disability. Their channel offers a glimpse into their daily lives, hobbies, and even their conceiving journey. They often face questions about their relationship, but their love only grows stronger, and recently they shared that they plan to have a baby in the near future.

This popular YouTube couple hopes to normalize interabled relationships.

For the past 7 years, Hannah and Shane have been in a happy and fulfilling relationship. Their love has taken them on many adventures, from traveling to exotic destinations to sharing their romance with the world on YouTube.

As they documented their relationship online, they never expected the attention it would receive. Their cheesy romantic gestures and heartfelt moments resonated with viewers, and their channel grew rapidly. Shane and Hannah felt grateful to share their love story with others and inspire them to pursue happiness their own way.

Shane says that throughout their journey, they’ve learned the importance of communication, trust, and mutual respect. The couple hopes to continue spreading joy and love to all those who watch their channel.

This couple has overcome all the mockery and criticism.

Shane and Hannah’s love story is one that has captured the hearts of many on YouTube. However, the couple has also faced the darker side of the internet as they receive critical comments from cruel internet trolls.

Shane was born with spinal muscular atrophy, which has caused him to use a wheelchair since he was 2 years old. Despite this, he has never let his disability define him and has become an advocate for disability awareness.

Hannah and Shane met online and quickly fell in love. They even got married in September 2020, but with their rising fame, the couple has also been subject to hurtful comments and criticism from those who don’t understand their “interabled” relationship.

Despite this, Hannah and Shane have continued to share their love story and bring awareness to the challenges and joys of an interabled relationship. They hope to inspire others to be more accepting and understanding of differences and to see beyond disability.

We stand with Shane and Hannah against the hate they receive and applaud them for their courage to continue sharing their journey with the world.

Now the happy spouses plan on having kids together.

Recently, the popular couple has opened up about their journey to parenthood via in vitro fertilization (IVF).

As Shane uses a wheelchair, the couple knew they would face unique challenges when it came to starting a family. After exploring their options, they decided to pursue IVF after they “casually tried the old-fashioned route for 2 years.”

As for Shane, he used a witty comparison to describe how he was feeling about the IVF process, saying it felt like a big exam.

“You have not prepared at all, and it’s tomorrow, and you know that there is no way you’re gonna be able to study all that you need to study in this one night to feel really confident about it,” he said.


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I wish them all of the best in the world and on their child birthing journey together.


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