Men Share 8 Habits That Make Their Lives Easier, and Women Should Pay Attention

2 years ago

By being strong, women are getting more educated, inserting themselves in the labor market, and always finding ways to get things done. Even so, peeking at methods and what men do in their everyday lives may help women thrive even more.

We at Bright Side believe that men and women can both learn positive traits from one another. But today we’d like to focus on the characteristics that women can learn from men.

1. Looking for beauty in the mirror.

Unfortunately, some women are too critical when looking in the mirror. On the other hand, men hardly ever see flaws in their appearance. While one might assume from these findings that men are more vain than women, the results reveal otherwise. Women look at themselves in the mirror to find out if there are any imperfections like acne, gray hair, wrinkles, or flawed makeup — while men look at themselves in admiration and to make sure they have a good personal appearance.

Men gave the following advice about what to do while looking in the mirror:

  • “There are a few [men] that do this to try to build their self-esteem.”
  • “At the end of the week, you can look at yourself in the mirror and admire the progress, tell yourself how good you’re looking, stroke your ego a bit.”
  • “Go to the mirror and just look at yourself until you can say: I’m fine with it.”

What women can learn from men: Look into the mirror to see what’s great about yourself. This may help you be less critical about your appearance.

2. Accepting breakups in a better way.

When it comes to breakups, a study found that women find more excuses for why things just didn’t work out. Many movies portray this scenario in a similar light wherein a couple breaks up and the guy goes out to a party or hangs out with his friends, while the girl sobs over ice cream or cries over the phone to a close friend or her sister.

  • " [When it comes to breakups, I, as a man] remind myself of my boundaries and standards, and if they were not met—especially in this drastic of a case, then I’m wasting precious time even thinking about it.“
  • “First off, hit the gym and go beast mode, your confidence will be raised and you’ll have new goals to work toward.”
  • “Start by getting yourself occupied. The busier you are the less you start to think about them [ex-partner]. Set goals and achieve them. Next thing you know, you start to love yourself more than you ever did before.”

What women can learn from men: After a breakup, get yourself together and move on!

3. Practicing “less is more.”

Stereotypically, women’s restrooms are completely different from men’s. The image of finding a cluttered sink with an abundance of women’s beauty products may be familiar for some of us. The problem with having too many items in your bathroom is that you may lose track of what is usable and what is expired. Unfortunately, the humidity and heat from your bathroom may negatively affect your cosmetics.

On the other hand, men’s bathrooms tend to be simple, neat, and organized.

  • “I can’t understand why women keep their side of the bathroom so messy.”
  • “[She will clutter the bathroom] and be like, ’You left the toilet seat up.’”

What women can learn from men in order to get good results: Keep your sink and shower free of too many things and declutter your bathrooms.

4. Seeing clothes as just clothes.

Even though their closets are already bursting, some women feel like they still have nothing to wear. Surprisingly, men aren’t afraid to repeat the same outfit or mix & match with what they already have.

  • “That’s one advantage guys have [repeating the same outfits]. Nobody cares. For women there is too much of a façade they have to show to society.”
  • “There is no double standard that women can’t wear repeating outfits. The only people shaming women for doing that is other women, so the double standard, if there is one, is probably imposed by women.”

What women can learn from men: You can use minimalism in clothing to benefit both yourself and your wallet.

5. Having a clear understanding that opinions are not personal in the workplace.

Sometimes, women are afraid to share their opinions because they can take things too personally or because they feel like they need to be asked or invited before they say something. That is what expert Nell Merlino shares about the working environment. Men typically say things off the cuff and are not afraid of being judged for it, which usually turns out in their favor.

  • “Men are quite good at establishing their credentials in the workplace, sometimes over and over again, to inspire confidence in those around them.”
  • “I see very clearly how the guys at work feel confident and comfortable speaking up about themselves — women don’t.”

A piece of advice that women can learn from men: Inspire confidence and remind leaders at your workplace how helpful and collaborative you can be!

6. Sticking to the essentials when packing.

For some reason, women tend to overpack and bring too many things. A survey suggests that women overpack by two-thirds when going on trips! This ends up being a luggage burden and most of us are probably used to it. Surprisingly, there is an interesting reason.

This custom is related to times when women used to wear elaborate outfits with very small pockets and thus had to carry bags — sound familiar?

  • “I am a minimalist myself. You have to learn to pack right. ”
  • “Now I am a little older and much wiser and one pair of jeans works, unless I want to go to a fancy restaurant or club venue.”

What women can learn from men: Keep it simple and concise when packing for the holidays.

7. Finding strength in silence.

Silence may have different meanings. Although many consider that being silent is a “non-message,” experts agree that silence actually tells us something. When we see a man in silence, we may perceive them as strong, dominant, and serene.

  • “They’re silent not because they have nothing to say but because they don’t have to fill up the air with words.”

What women can learn from men: It is important to appreciate and practice being silent, as it may be a good exercise in discipline by helping you steer clear of jabbering. Of course, that does not mean that women should put themselves in a negative position at work. Instead, trying to act like men may result in changing the way they are perceived.

8. Recognizing that multitasking has its limits.

Women have always been perceived as excellent multi-taskers, but is it true? Unfortunately, studies show that women are actually doing a whole lot of work and getting burnt out. A study even proves that women are not better at multi-tasking when compared to men. Surprising, isn’t it?

  • “Women get pushed into types of work with many low-intensity things going on simultaneously, whereas men are trained to do one thing and do this thing perfectly, with full concentration. A part of the difference might be evolutionary, but I’d expect most of it to be cultural.”

In this case, here’s what women can learn from men: No one is a superhero and is capable of doing an enormous amount of work all at once. Instead, work, family, and household tasks must be equally shared in order for everyone to have a healthy, sustainable mind and body.

What are other lessons women should learn from men? What is your favorite and what is the one tip you feel you should embrace?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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