Mom and Daughter Beat Cancer and Got Tattoos to Remember the Victory (Photos)

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7 months ago

Amid the struggles of facing cancer, there’s a touching story about Veronica Quintanilla and her daughter. They got matching tattoos on their heads as a symbol of strength and love during Veronica’s battle with breast cancer. And the tattoo itself has a special meaning behind it.

A mom and daughter from Texas got matching tattoos.

When Veronica Quintanilla had breast cancer for the second time, her daughter shaved her head to support her. They went to all of her medical appointments together. After Veronica finished her last chemotherapy, her daughter Victoria Vargas had the idea to get matching tattoos on their bald heads.

They got pink bows tattooed on their scalps. Veronica really hopes she won’t get cancer again and lose her hair. She wants to keep the tattoos a secret once their hair grows back.

Veronica Quintanilla shared that the tattoos hold special significance between her and her daughter, meant never to be visible again. Having experienced baldness twice due to cancer, she expressed her determination never to go through it again.

According to her, cancer leaves lasting scars on the inside and outside, marking the soul. She chose these tattoos as a beautiful symbol, a mark she intends to conceal for good.

The tattoos, according to Victoria Vargas, are like a special hidden treasure—a unique connection she shares with her mom and a symbol of their resilience.

Quintanilla, a mother of three from El Paso, Texas, opted for the larger “mama bow,” while her daughter, Victoria Vargas got the smaller “baby bow.” She explained that the tattoos represent her two battles against breast cancer and the deep bond of mother-daughter love. Quintanilla emphasized how the tattoos serve as a reminder of her daughter’s strength and unwavering support during challenging times.

For Vargas, the tattoos represent the idea that no matter how tough a situation may be, having the right mindset can help overcome it. She sees the tattoos as a silver lining amidst all the challenges and numerous doctor appointments.

Veronica Quintanilla expressed that even though the world may not see the tattoos, she and her daughter will be the only ones aware of their presence. The tattoos hold a special significance as a shared experience between them. Quintanilla admires her daughter’s strength and is proud of her for the support and resilience she showed over the past year.

What a touching tattoo story! If you’re interested in another heartwarming tattoo-related tale, be sure to check out our article about a dad enduring 30 hours of tattoo pain so his son could feel better about his birthmark.


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