Mom Goes Viral as Her Behavior With Her Daughter, 7, Is Deemed Inappropriate

5 months ago

Coco Austin, 44, has shared a video that has divided the Internet and was harshly slammed by some. The mother of one shared a sweet clip where she was filmed swimming underwater with her 7-year-old daughter. But many fans quickly talked about a particular act they thought was wrong for a mom and her daughter.

An underwater video.

The model shared with her 3 million Instagram fans a video that was taken with her Samsung phone. The underwater clip showed the adorable mother-daughter duo swimming towards each other. As they reached the pool’s bottom, the pair gave each other a sweet kiss.

Austin captioned the video, ’’Having fun with my Samsung phone, it actually takes great video underwater .. Chanel just loves kissing her mama, doesn’t she? She is adorable... She is my obsession.’’

Opinions were seriously divided.

To this date, the video has collected over 25 thousand likes, and hundreds of people were quick to praise the loving mama and shower the mother-daughter duo with warm words and nice compliments.

That said, many others didn’t hesitate to show their discontent with the video and have expressed that the affection between the two was too much for their taste.

One person wrote, “The kissing thing is a bit weird, though,” while another simply commented, “Um, no.”
A third person noted, ’’[...] giving your child a lil kiss on the lip is a loving & a healthy way to show affection...BUT holding the kiss for longer than a sec is too much and goes over the line.’’

In response to these reactions, many fans hurried to defend the star’s behavior and noted that there was nothing wrong with Coco’s behavior.

One person remarked that some commentators must have grown up “in households with zero affection.” While another supporter noted, “So y’all don’t kiss/hug your children? OR, your parents never gave y’all any affection? Because it shows. This is a beautiful video.”

Coco Austin isn’t the first celebrity whose behavior with her child has sparked a big debate. Even David Beckham has taken the time to explain why he kisses his daughter Harper on the lips, and we admire him for his honesty.


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