Mother of 7, With More Than 1K Tattoos, Is Banned From Attending Her Children’s School Plays

8 months ago

Tattoos have often caused arguments, especially between people of different ages. Melissa Sloan acquired her first tattoo in her twenties, and her passion for ink hasn’t waned since. Today, she has over 1,000 tattoos and constantly faces criticism due to her unconventional look. Let’s find out how this strong mom of 7 navigates societal opinions and learn about her thoughts on stereotypes.

Facial tattoos have brought about various challenges for Melissa, including unemployment.

Melissa’s extensive body art covers her face and nearly her entire body. Some of her tattoos have been characterized as “prison tattoos” due to their rudimentary nature, lacking the finesse of professional tattoo artists.

She used to have a job cleaning toilets. But she says she now can’t find a similar job because of the tattoo art that covers her face and body. The mom is struggling to find paid employment because people cast judgment on her inked-up look.

“I can’t get a job,” Sloan says in her interview. “I applied for a job cleaning toilets where I live, and they won’t have me because of my tattoos.”

She can’t find a driving instructor because of the way she looks.

Melissa explained, “I live in quite an isolated place and have to rely on my partner, Will, to get me around. I now have a car and just want lessons so I can take my test. I know they are put off by the way I look, but that is victimization and should not matter. This is something I have lived with most of my life, but it should not be happening.”

She went on recounting an incident where one instructor appeared visibly perturbed when she took her place in his car, and he struggled to maintain eye contact with her. “They’re all scared of me,” the 46-year-old mother shared. In another instance, Melissa mentioned that an instructor was so taken aback by her heavily tattooed visage, vibrant green hair, and unconventional metal grills on her teeth that he couldn’t wait to conclude the lesson and have her exit his vehicle.

She’s also banned from attending her children’s school events.

Melissa, who has children aged 8 to 24, has unfortunately been prohibited from attending her own kid’s school plays to avoid disturbing other children. The mother disclosed that she grapples with anxiety and depression.

She’s absolutely puzzled by people’s criticism.

Melissa sincerely can’t figure out why people would even bother thinking about her tattoos. “People have said I have never had a job in my life, but I have had one once, and it didn’t last long,” she says. “If someone offered me a job tomorrow, I would go and work — I would take that offer.”

Despite all her struggles, she doesn’t want to give up on her passion.

Despite her struggles finding work, Melissa says she still gets at least 3 new tattoos each week, describing herself as “addicted.”

“If I make it to 70, I’ll still be getting them,” she said. “Every bit of skin will be covered even if I’m turning blue, my face is already turning blue — I look like a Smurf.”

Tattoos are actually a form of art and self-expression. And here are some incredibly creative styles that will probably captivate your interest, even if you aren’t initially a fan of body ink.


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with no job and children to support, i am curious s to how she is affording 3 tattoos (which are not cheap) a week. are the tatos more important than the kids?


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