My Husband Got Me and Another Woman Pregnant at the Same Time, and Here’s the Decision I Made

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11 months ago

All families have probably faced situations where it’s hard to make a decision in the moment. But Jenna Herrera’s family experienced a real-life miracle, with Jenna and another woman getting pregnant at the same time by Jenna’s husband. The amazed woman posted a video on TikTok explaining how her pregnancy almost coincided with another woman’s, and what she and her husband are planning to do with the whole situation.

Jenna has been left stumped on what to do about the unusual situation in her family.

Jenna Herrera, from the US, found herself in a strange situation after turning to surrogacy due to a long bout of infertility. In a TikTok video, she explained that she was bursting with happiness after getting the news in February that the embryo transfer was successful and that their surrogate was pregnant.

But there was just one little issue that left her and many other people scratching their heads.

Jenna discovered that she was pregnant, just like her surrogate, and she was expecting a baby just weeks apart from her surrogate. She took to TikTok to share her concerns with her audience.

“Since I thought it was a great idea to get pregnant at the same time my surrogate is pregnant, our family is in a pickle,” the mother-to-be said in the video.

Now the woman is balancing between decisions.

She revealed that she is due in September and that her surrogate is due just 3 weeks after her. Jenna lives in California, while her surrogate is from Colombia. The future mom is unsure how she will make it to Colombia for the birth of their baby via surrogate, because their due dates are so close together.

“The question is will we be able to have this baby, get a birth certificate, get a passport, and make our way to Colombia with this baby all in 3 weeks,” she says.

“Do I leave my newborn here in the United States without me? Do I stay here with my newborn and my husband goes to Colombia, but then I miss the birth of our baby?” she asks aloud. “Will it all work out just perfectly, and I’m just causing myself unnecessary stress? Time will tell.”

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