“My Son Has Showed Me Love Can Always Go Deeper,” How Janet Jackson Embraced Motherhood at Age 50

Becoming a mother is a decision every woman can make on her own. She is responsible for her body, so she’s well-placed to decide what to do depending on her family context, economy, or short- and long-term goals. All those factors can determine if it is time to welcome a new member to the family.

That is what happened to Janet Jackson. She received her little one at the age of 50 so that she could spend as much time with him as needed and not worry about her career.

Janet Jackson welcomed her first child, Eissa Al Mana, on January 3, 2017, when she was 50. At the time, she was married to Wissam Al Mana; however, a few months after the birth of the little one, they divorced.

Since then, she has raised Eissa, who is 5 now, as a single mother. Combined with her work, doing it has not been easy. However, she also mentioned that her priority is to look after her son.

“There will be music at some point,” she said about her career in an interview, adding, “There’s so much that I want to do— but my number one job is being a mama.”


Although Janet had to continue her tour just 8 months after giving birth to Eissa, she decided to take her baby with her. And while when she has to go out, she does hire someone to look after Eissa, Janet’s clear: she doesn’t want a full-time nanny because she wants to bring up her baby boy.

“I don’t have a nanny. I do it all myself. If my mother did it with nine children, there’s no reason I can’t. Of course, when I’m working, someone watches him, but it’s my baby and me. It’s not easy at times, but my life has changed. Obviously, my baby comes first,” Janet said a few years ago about her new life as a single mother.

Jackson said her free time also involves her son, as she likes to take him to the park, play with his cousins and visit museums. And, although the paparazzi can be nosy sometimes, she tries to make the best of it.

Regarding what she’d like to pass on to her little one, she said, “the foundation of being grounded and also of a higher power. Knowing who he is and that we are all equal, no matter the race or gender. And that he is to be respectful towards others, but also that others are respectful to him.”

In 2018, the singer opened up about a feeling that her little boy managed to evoke in her with such an intensity that she had never experienced before his birth.

“My son, even in his short 17 months on the planet, has showed me that love, no matter how deeply you believe you have experienced that emotion, can always go deeper. Love is limitless,” she mentioned.

“My baby asked for breakfast this morning”

In 2019 Janet shared a bit about her son’s hobbies. He is also into music: he started playing the violin, cello, drums, and harmonica at 3 and takes his instruments to school.

“I bought him a real violin, and he got so excited,” Jackson said. “He sleeps with it. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with it.”

Janet took the time to see Eissa grow and share amazing moments with him. Then, in June 2022, when asked about her next steps in music, as well as her definition of success at that moment, she didn’t hesitate to describe it as: “Being able to wake up and see my baby another day. The space I could be in at that moment inside my soul. What I’ve accomplished within myself.”

About the Grammys she has won throughout her career, she explained that she has them stored inside a warehouse so that her son will decide what to do with them when the time comes.

What do you think you have to consider before having a baby?


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