Newlyweds Chose to Serve McDonald’s to Guests at Their Wedding — Trolls Call Them “Cheap”

6 months ago

While weddings can be a joyous occasion in someone’s life, the amount of expenses a wedding can rack up can be immense. Two newlyweds on TikTok chose to save some extra money by serving their guests McDonald’s meals but found themselves getting trolled for their unconventional choice.

The video, which garnered 2.3 million views, had the caption: “Thanks for the treat at our wedding.” The happy couple had ordered over 300 burgers, wraps, and nuggets from the well-known fast-food chain for their wedding attendees. However, when the groom posted a clip of the celebration on social media, the newlyweds faced a wave of criticism. Trolls blamed the newlyweds for not providing their guests with high-quality cuisine and accused them of being “cheap.”

One comment said: “Given the price of McDonald’s now it’s better to take a caterer, and you’ll have quality as well.” Another added: “Guys stop! It’s not a question of going to the wedding for the food. But McDonald’s, what?”

The couple defended their choice, saying: “I was afraid that we were going to pay for something that we did not like. If you are going to pay, you may as well get something you like.” Other comments agreed with them, saying, “I’d rather eat McDonald’s at my wedding than go into debt for 25 years for a wedding.” Another person commented: “Finally, people who have the wedding they want to have without going into debt to show off. Be happy!”

Unconventional weddings have become increasingly popular these days, such as Michelle Yeoh who married her fiancé after dating for over 19 years.

Preview photo credit thomasbillaudeau / TikTok


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