Our Son Resents Us Because His Sister Received a More Expensive Gift From Us

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5 months ago

Parenting is challenging, especially when you have more than one child. It can be tough to navigate the dynamics between siblings without inadvertently causing conflicts. The goal is to foster harmony and ensure that each child feels valued and included. However, this family is facing a significant issue that they’re unsure how to resolve.

The parents decided to address the problem by having a conversation with their son. Like any family discussion, there were differing opinions and explanations. Let’s explore why this family might need some extra time to resolve their issue.

His behavior shows immaturity, and you are not off base at all.
Does he pay for rent and food? If not, he is receiving much more per year than she.


Reddit users sided with the son.

  • “You could have given your daughter an $800 check or gift for Xmas and $3200 for closing on the house at a different time. Then you could tell your son ‘We will be so excited to give you a gift of money to help out when you buy your first home!’ Instead, now it is a very disproportional Xmas gift, which is sure to raise some jealousy.” idprefernotto92 / Reddit
  • “Your son came to you guys politely while his sister wasn’t around. Instead of reassuring him that his concerns weren’t true, your wife immediately got frustrated and chose the least charitable interpretation of his actions.” Unknown user / Reddit
  • “When you hurt someone, you don’t get to tell them they’re wrong. It’s very clearly not about wanting more, because he said her getting the same as him would have been fine. And you’re right, it’s your money, you can distribute it however you like, but you don’t also get to control and manipulate others to react in a way you approve of.” Archivist_of_*** / Reddit

Here are some tips for fostering a positive relationship between two or more siblings.

  • Encourage teamwork and foster a sense of belonging among siblings. Emphasize the importance of supporting each other through challenges.
  • Recognize and celebrate the unique qualities and interests of each child. Avoid treating them as a unit and instead encourage them to explore their individual passions.
  • Avoid comparing siblings to each other or other children. Even well-intentioned comparisons can make them feel inadequate or unloved.
  • Ensure that each child has adequate personal space, especially if they have different temperaments or preferences.
  • Allow siblings to resolve their conflicts whenever possible. Offer guidance and support, but let them learn how to work through disagreements independently.
  • Refrain from taking sides in conflicts between siblings, as this can create rivalry and resentment.

Handling financial matters within the family can be quite difficult. Take, for instance, the story of a man who decided not to split a substantial inheritance from his grandfather with his father and brother and caused a rift in the family.


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