Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo See Snow for the First Time, and Their Reaction Is Priceless

5 years ago

Thanks to donations from visitors, The San Diego Zoo was able to arrange a snow day for the polar bears living there. This small action turned out to be a huge surprise for the animals who seemed to have not been able to get enough of it.

Bright Side was impressed by such a simple but amazing action and wants to tell you the full story about how it all happened. Our bonus at the end will definitely make you feel happy.

Thanks to the wish list of the San Diego Zoo, the zoo keepers working there were able to submit their proposal for collecting donations to buy a snow day for their polar bears.

Having read about the offer, about 100 people made donations and contributed $5,100 to help make the animals happy. As a result, about 26 tons of sparkling white snow has been brought to the bears’ habitat.

One sunny morning, Polar Bear Plunge became covered with snow making the animals’ habitat look glittering and white. The bears named Kalluk, Tatqiq, and Chinook couldn’t help but roll and frolic in the snow.

They have been tumbled and somersaulted all morning long, sometimes spreading out on the snow like pancakes, the other times digging into the snow.

Some of the bears even managed to slide on the snow a little.

The bears kept playfully wrestling with each other, sharing their joy and excitement.

Others tried to taste the snow.

Happy donors, zookeepers, and other visitors were able to see the bears’ excitement and felt as happy as the animals themselves.

Those who weren’t able to attend the scenes of joy in person could watch the process online. The zoo has cameras installed in all the animals’ habitats, that are live 24/7. You can even watch what they are doing right now.

Bonus: You can watch the full video below.

Did you like the idea that this zoo had? How else do you think we can make animals feel happy? Please share your thoughts on this in the comments!


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It's not priceless at all, it's sad that polar bears see snow for the first time at their age, it is normal for them to see snow for the first time when they are born. This is who we (human race) are. Comments are disabled for this video. Why?


very cute :) There aren't many of them left, unfortunately.


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