Put These 8 Viral Products to the Test

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Each of us has probably, at least once, wondered about the impact of social media on our well-being. It has been a controversial subject for a long time now. Some studies show that it can put us at a higher risk for depression, and it is very important to take a break every once in a while. However, it turns out that it all boils down to how you use it, instead of if.

We advise you to use your social media wisely and invite you to embrace what it has to offer and see if these viral products will impress you as well.

1. This grooming comb will solve the problem of your hairy pet’s excessive fur.

An automatic hair removal button makes grooming so much easier! You can use it on both short and long hair. The high-quality stainless steel bristles will work for a long time.

Promising review:

Very gentle on old dogs who shed like crazy. — mandy westwood

2. Bathe your baby safely with this ergonomically designed seat that has a layer of very soft material for the ultimate comfort.

It is hygienic and mold-resistant and has a water level indicator. It ensures the optimal conditions for safe, comfy bathing.

Promising review:

This thing is amazing! Especially if I just want to quickly rinse the baby in the shower, she sits in it happily and seems super comfortable. I wish I had had one for my other children. — Liz

3. This 2-in-1 countertop detergent dispenser will make your kitchen more organized and save you some money on soap because of the special handpump design.

The construction is brilliant: you can combine the soap pump dispenser and sponge holder, not only for the space-saving effect, but also to keep your kitchen counter nice and tidy.

Promising review:

This product makes the kitchen counter so neat, tidy, and not dripping wet. It also saves on washing liquid due to the pump system in it. The sponge that came with it was too soft, so I used a regular sponge. Extremely useful and good-quality product. Highly recommended. — Kay

4. A storage dispenser with detachable separators will save you a lot of space and keep your dry food fresh.

This easily installed product is a game changer: no need to keep track of multiple lids, tubs, and cups. It is suitable for rice, seeds, laundry scent beads, and other small solid grains. It will not work with oatmeal or large-grain cereals. It is extremely easy to use — one push and your bowl is full.

5. These compressed facial sponges can clean your pores deeply and, as a bonus, take up very little space.

60 pieces come in 5 bright colors: pink, yellow, blue, purple, and green. Great to take with you and pretty nice to use at home.

Promising review:

Perfect sponges for the face, so soft and smooth to use in the salon on clients! — Gabby Busiello

6. A foot mask that has the power to renew your feet by painlessly yet effectively exfoliating dead skin.

The mask contains a strawberry extract that hydrates and protects your skin. It is easy to use. Just soak, apply, wash, and enjoy the result. The quality is guaranteed by the Independent German Dermatological Laboratory.

Promising review:

Well, this really works! Loads of quite thick skin came off in large strips, a few days later. Having a bath every night helps. I would recommend putting some thick socks or slippers on, on top of the booties. Makes for a tighter fit, keeps your feet warm, and you can walk around easier, or get into bed for the allotted time.
I kept mine on for 90 minutes. Highly recommended for super-soft feet. I’ll put the second pair away for another time. — Anne Garside

7. If you want to keep dipping sauces separate or just don’t like when your food touches, this silicone separator will be perfect for you.

This device is odor-resistant and oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. It can be attached to most clean and smooth plates. No need for additional bowls — perfect!

Promising review:

Bought it for a picky person, and it was the best present ever. — Sandra

8. This product makes the process of cleaning the drain look so surreal!

This product works wonders with your pipes, and stains have no chance.

How to use:

  • Take a suitable amount of the product.
  • Then pour the liquid carefully into the pipe.
  • Wait patiently! It will take some time to work.

What popular products, in your experience, have turned out to be as great as expected?

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