Rare Succulents Resemble Mermaid Tails, and It’s So Mesmerizing You’ll Want to Buy One

3 years ago

Nature is as strange as it is beautiful. Succulents, for example, are very peculiar plants that come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. While we’ve seen many of them, some are so bizarre that it’s hard to believe they exist in real life. Like mermaid tail succulents — they suddenly mesmerized the whole internet, and it’s no wonder, considering that everything about them is a happy accident.

Here at Bright Side, we’re sure that if you’ve ever wanted to have an enchanted garden that looks like it has come out of a fairytale, this is the plant for you.

The rare “mermaid tail succulents” look like something that came from under the sea.

This fascinating plant is officially known as a Senecio Vitalis— it looks like a succulent and cactus mix and grows outward instead of toward the light like other plants do. It usually grows 1-2 feet high (30-61 cm) and can reach a width of 3-5 feet (91 — 152 cm). In addition, its blue to green color makes the plant look like a dreamy mermaid or a whale tail.

Its peculiarity is caused by rare, abnormal growth.

A plant becomes crested through a process called fasciation, mostly seen in flowers. With succulents, it happens as an abnormal flattening of the stems. That’s what makes these succulents resemble a mermaid’s tail.

The Crested Senecio Vitalis is native to the cape of South Africa.

The Senecio Vitalis, however, is not easy to find because succulents crest naturally and can’t be forced to have a tail-like shape. Miin Liew, the gardener that posted the viral mermaid tale succulent photos, suggested that frostbite might have caused his Senecio Vitalis to become crested. He shared that he found a few of these after a mild winter in the Bay Area.

That might mean that it grows in the winter and is not very active in the summer, which is not normal for succulents. The plant is actually relatively easy to take care as it doesn’t need much water or maintenance. Also, it’s highly resistant to drought. So if you’re a forgetful caretaker, this would be a great choice.

What’s the most unusual plant you have in your house? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.


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