Roberto Cavalli, 82, Becomes a Dad for the Sixth Time

At 82, the iconic fashion designer is proving that fatherhood has no expiration date. Roberto Cavalli recently welcomed a baby boy with his 38-year-old girlfriend. And he gave their son a meaningful name, and the story behind it gave us goosebumps.

Cavalli is filled with joy.

Roberto Cavalli gave updates about his girlfriend, Sandra Nilsson, and their newborn boy, saying, ’’Sandra is doing fine, the baby, who was born a week ago right here in Florence, is beautiful.’’

The proud papa added, ’’It was really emotional to see him right after he was born.’’

They named the baby after his grandad.

The couple named their baby boy Giorgio, in tribute to the designer’s father whom he lost when he was just 4. Cavalli came from a modest background where his dad worked in a mine, and he revealed that he had a tough time growing up.

He noted, ’’I didn’t have an easy childhood.’’ He also admitted being mute during his youth, revealing, ’’I didn’t speak until 18. But life has been kind to me (and I have been) rewarded...for everything.’’

The designer already has a big family.

The 82-year-old went on to make a huge name for himself in the fashion industry and grew a big family. He already has 2 adult children from his first marriage, which had lasted 10 years, and 3 more with his second wife who he had been married to for 3 decades.

And the designer’s current girlfriend, Nilsson, has been at his side ever since his second divorce in 2010. The couple started dating in 2014.

Love knows no age.

Even though she’s 45 years younger than him, the pair have been together for many years, and their relationship is even stronger now that they started their little family.

In 2015, the iconic designer proved his love by buying his model girlfriend a private island in her home country of Sweden.


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