10 Celebrity Fathers Who Had Kids at an Older Age and They Couldn’t Be Happier

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On average, a man becomes a first-time father at 27.5 years old, however, some individuals opt to delay parenthood and enjoy their single life for a while longer. There is no ideal age to become a dad, yet these famous fathers are confident that the timing was right for them. Below are 10 famous men who have spoken about the impact of becoming a dad at an older age on their lives.

1. Jeff Goldblum

The 70-year-old Actor Jeff Goldblum revealed that he never considered having children until he met his spouse, Emilie Livingston, a Canadian gymnast who competed in the Olympics. On the day before their wedding, she found out she was expecting, and at the age of 62, Goldblum became a first-time father.

2. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis, known for his award-winning performances, has three daughters from his first marriage to actress Demi Moore. By the time he welcomed his fourth daughter at 57, his other daughters were almost fully grown. He stated, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’m changing diapers like a champ. When I’m not working, my days are devoted to the women in my life.”

3. Alec Baldwin

Baldwin who is now 64 years old and a proud father of 7 children confesses that becoming a dad again in his 50s was a challenging experience. He stated, “I think, ’You know what? I wish I had more time.” The famous Hollywood star has one daughter with actress Kim Basinger and has welcomed six children with his current spouse, a yoga instructor named Hilaria Thomas.

4. Steve Martin

Steve Martin, who has acted in many family movies such as Cheaper by the Dozen and Father of the Bride, became a father at the age of 67 and believes that it was the right decision for him as he would have not been able to give his full attention to his child if he had become a father earlier.

5. Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was 51 when he found out that he was going to have a child. He became a father for the second time a year later and has said that having children transformed his life and that he wishes he had started a family earlier. He revealed that it is a challenge to be a dad at his age, “I’m trying to be a young father in an old man’s body and it’s rough, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

6. Simon Cowell

The X Factor judge, Simon Cowell, became a father for the first time at the age of 53. He was first shocked by the news but now sees himself as a natural at being a dad. He has said that he wouldn’t rule out having more children and likes the idea of having 2 or 3 kids, as he had a brother when he was younger.

7. Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, a TV host, became a father for the first time at 53 years old. Despite separating from his long-time partner Benjamin Maisani, the two co-parent their son. Cooper has said that becoming a father has allowed him to connect with his own parents and brother in a way he never expected. He has also noticed that he is now able to recall memories about his own father that he had forgotten, due to the experience of being a father to his son Wyatt.

8. Chris Noth

Chris Noth, known for his many acting roles, lived a bachelor lifestyle for a while until he met Canadian actress Tara Lynn Wilson. They got married and Noth became a father for the first time at the age of 54. He has said that his son brings laughter into his life every day and that he sees some of his own goofiness in his child.

9. Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce, the star of Jack Irish, believed that he had reached a stage in his life where he didn’t feel the need to have children. However, at 48 years old, he became a first-time dad. Pearce has said that the experience of being an older father has taught him patience and has given him a deeper understanding of himself.

10. Hill Harper

Hill Harper, who starred in All Eyez on Me had always envisioned himself getting married and having a large family. However, at 49 years old, he remained unmarried. A close friend encouraged him to consider becoming a father even if he wasn’t married, and he took the advice.

He reached out to an adoption agency, and a few months later, he was informed that he could adopt a baby boy. The actor was present at the birth and even cut the cord. “I’m so proud that Pierce chose me to be his dad,” he stated.


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