Rumer Willis Reveals She’ll Have an Unmedicated Childbirth

5 months ago

Rumer Willis, the daughter of Hollywood icon Bruce Willis, has announced her decision to have an unmedicated childbirth for her first child with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas. With her due date quickly approaching, Rumer has diligently prepared herself for the big day, including doing pelvic floor work.

Rumer Willis explores pelvic floor work in preparation for unmedicated childbirth.

As her due date approaches, Rumer Willis has become interested in pelvic floor work, an area she hadn’t explored before. While initially intimidated, she decided to learn more and commit to preparing her body for unmedicated childbirth, with guidance from her midwife and doula.

Perineal massage helps Rumer Willis reduce tension.

Over the course of her pregnancy, Rumer Willis has tried perineal massage to help her body learn to relax. She found it to be a game changer, as it relieved tension in her pelvic floor muscles and prepared her for childbirth.

Rumer shares how pelvic floor work boosted her confidence for an unmedicated birth.

Through her practice with pelvic floor work, Rumer Willis was able to identify areas of tension in her body and learn how to release them. This is helping her feel more confident and relaxed in preparation for her unmedicated childbirth.

Rumer Willis advises followers to consult medical providers before trying pelvic floor work.

While Rumer Willis found pelvic floor work to be beneficial, she urges her followers to consult with their medical providers before trying it themselves. Every pregnancy and childbirth is unique, and it’s important to get personalized guidance and support.


I hope that all goes well for her and her baby before, during, and after the birthing process. I hope that the process allows her to follow her wishes for her delivery and that it all goes according to her plan, because we know that these procedures don't always happen according to our plans. Sending thoughts of strength, courage, healing, and peace to her on her birthing journey.

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