Ryan Gosling Confused People With His Reaction to “Barbie” Win at Critics Choice Awards

month ago

Ryan Gosling became a hot topic in Hollywood following his memorable reaction at the Critics Choice Awards on January 14th. His response to the victory of Barbie in the Best Song category captured widespread attention, turning him into a viral sensation and inspiring a new meme.

Although Ryan Gosling didn’t win the Best Supporting Actor award, which went to Robert Downey Jr. for Oppenheimer, he didn’t leave the ceremony empty-handed. Gosling clinched the Best Song award for “I’m Just Ken”.

Presenting the award were Bella Ramsey, famed for The Last of Us, and Anthony Ramos from In the Heights. Their introduction included a humorous skit featuring an unimpressed Ariana DeBose, leading up to the announcement of Gosling’s Barbie track as the winner.

Right after the announcement the camera quickly focused on Ryan Gosling, who, with a puzzled expression, turned his head to the side and fixed his gaze directly on the camera. Gosling maintained his bemused stare, even as the song’s writers, Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt, rose to their feet to celebrate the win.

Gosling’s reaction quickly went viral, with numerous people praising it. Even his wife, Eva Mendes, posted a video with Ryan’s reaction on her Instagram.

Several people interpreted Gosling’s reaction to the award win as disbelief, suggesting he thought it was a “prank” and describing him as “flabbergasted” and “confused.” The moment was warmly received as a fresh addition to the extensive collection of Ryan Gosling memes generated during his press tour for Barbie.

It’s curious to know that many considered Ryan Gosling to be ’too old’ to play Ken. But he handled this feedback with grace and wit, further endearing him to his admirers and proving that age is just a number when it comes to delivering a compelling performance.


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