Ryan Reynolds Gets Real About Life After Welcoming Baby #4

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8 months ago

Blake Lively hinted at giving birth to her fourth child 5 months after announcing her pregnancy, causing a stir among her fans and the media. Now fans eagerly await to hear more about the new arrival, and we are here to feed our beloved readers’ interest.

“Been busy,” she captioned the photo below.

Blake Lively sparked speculation about the birth of her fourth child after sharing a photo of herself, her husband, Ryan Reynolds, and his mother, Tammy Reynolds, in which her baby bump was notably missing.

And surprise! Shortly afterward, it was confirmed that Lively gave birth to their fourth child.

During his virtual appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch last week, Ryan Reynolds was sitting in a kitchen discussing the network’s annual stock draft when he was asked about the reports that his wife, Blake Lively, had given birth. Toward the end of the conversation, Ryan confirmed that the reports were true.

“We didn’t make a birth announcement. We just posted a photo, and the media did what it does,” he said. He also shared that the kids are “doing fantastic.”

Ryan also revealed that his and Blake’s house is pretty chaotic at the moment.

Ryan joked that his house was a “zoo” and referenced that he was sitting in his kitchen, which he referred to as his office. He added, “To be honest, I’ll probably spend the rest of my life in here.” Despite the chaos, Ryan reassured viewers that he and Blake have everything under control, thanks to their extensive experience raising children.

“Look, we wouldn’t do this 4 times if we didn’t love it,” he added.

Ryan Reynolds did not reveal any details about the baby, like the gender or the name, during his recent interview. However, in November 2021, he did express his hopes for having another daughter.

Ryan Reynolds loves his wife, Blake, so much that he once said, “The only thing irrevocably mine in the world is the love and appreciation and awe I feel for this person,” he wrote. “Witnessing her life is something I couldn’t take for granted if I tried. And believe me, I try.”


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