Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Secretly Reveal the Birth of Their Fourth Baby

Blake and Ryan initially bonded as good friends, but it wasn’t until over a year into their friendship that they realized they were meant to be together. Now, with over a decade of their lives spent together and 3 beautiful daughters, they have just welcomed their fourth child into the world. The creative way in which they chose to announce the news has left their followers scrambling to uncover the clues and decipher its meaning.

Blake Lively revealed her most recent pregnancy on the red carpet.

Blake announced her fourth pregnancy at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit, stunning everyone with her belly bump, all while donning a sparkly, short dress.

A few days after, paparazzi were swarming around her house in hopes to snap exclusive photos of her relaxing in the comfort of her own home. Instead of letting them have their way, Lively went to Instagram, where she chose to publicly address the photographers and most importantly, she shared her own candid, filter-free pictures.

She once said she’d have 30 kids, “I’ve always wanted a big family.”

Lively admitted that since she became a mother, she’s been feeling more comfortable in her own skin and “at ease” in her own body.

Having already been showing since September 2022, Blake Lively’s due date was expected to be early 2023 — February or March. Ryan revealed that they didn’t know the gender of their baby and didn’t plan to find out until the day he or she would be born, which was a common practice in all their previous pregnancies.

Blake and Ryan left clues worthy of a rom-com mystery novel.

Sporting a relaxed look, with no bump in sight, the Gossip Girl star posted a few pictures on Instagram, with the caption, “Puppy Bowl Sunday 🥘 🍲 🥧 been busy,” suggesting that she had already given birth. In the main picture, Blake, Ryan, and his mother, Tammy, are all smiling, like they know something we don’t — and surprise, surprise — guys, we got the message.

She also added a few pictures of deliciously plated foods, to add more confusion as to why she’s been busy.

Her followers were quick to get the enigma untangled and praised the new momma.

  • “She discreetly gives birth and then looks like this right afterward in a tight shirt. She’s good at this.” @jess.cherry
  • “Epic post! I knew the baby had arrived. Great job keeping your life private (as you can). Bravo.”
  • “I mean, jealous you fit into jeans. My last baby is 96 months, and I’m still wearing leggings.” @melne80
  • “Labor and delivery nurse here. A lot of my patients get pink nail polish for a girl. I noticed the pink nails in one of the pics. Another girl, maybe?! Whatever the baby is, congrats on 4th baby, and you look amazing.” @shayrobbins


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Congrats to them 👏🏻! They're always so sly and wickedly funny 😄. They definitely wanted to see who's keeping up.


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