Ryan Reynolds Is Bringing ALF Back: Here’s Everything We Know

10 months ago

Our all-time beloved ALF is making a comeback to Earth, and we have the amazing Ryan Reynolds to thank for it. We love ALF so much that we couldn’t NOT share the exciting news with our beloved readers. Let’s see what awaits next.

ALF has returned.

Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool 3, is bringing back the classic ’80s sitcom through his Maximum Effort Channel. He’s working together with the creator of ALF, Paul Fusco, and Shout! Studios to make this happen. The show will premiere on July 29, 2023, and it’s going to be the first series on the Maximum Effort Channel called “Maximum Moments.”

You know what’s even cooler — Ryan was inspired to do this because he used to be a big fan of ALF when he was a kid. He loves taking risks and making things fun and entertaining. The actor, 46, noted: “Besides my irrational love of ALF growing up, one of the reasons we licensed this show was precisely because Paul, Shout! Studios and our intrepid brand partners wanted to plot with us to bring ALF back to life.”

ALF is almost 300 years old.

ALF originally aired on NBC from 1986 to 1990, following the adventures of the title character, Gordon Shumway, also known as “Alien Life Form,” after he crashed into the garage of the Tanner family’s suburban home. The series was co-created by puppeteer Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett, with Fusco providing the iconic performance for ALF.

In 2018, Warner Bros. expressed interest in creating a reboot of the show. Unfortunately, the plans were later canceled that same year due to the project’s inability to find a suitable platform. However, there’s good news! In February, Shout! Factory stepped in and acquired the rights to ALF, announcing their intention to develop new related content.

Exciting times are ahead for ALF fans, as they can look forward to more adventures and antics from the lovable extraterrestrial character. Stay tuned for updates.

BONUS: “Ryan Reynolds finds comfort on the set of ’Deadpool 3′ with a sweet taste of home.”

Blake Lively captures precious moments with her daughters James, Inez, and Betty while cozying up to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, who stars alongside Hugh Jackman in the highly anticipated Marvel film.

One heartwarming scene involves Reynolds’ daughter cherishing a Wolverine action figure, adding to the coolness factor of having Deadpool as their father.

Not only do Ryan and Blake’s fortunate children get to experience this privilege, but they also have the incredible opportunity to spend time with the iconic Hugh Jackman, flawlessly attired as the beloved Wolverine character. These interactions create unforgettable memories for their little ones.


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