Salma Hayek, 57, Shares Lots of Makeup-Free Selfies, and People Flood Her With Comments

7 months ago

She never works out, yet she looks stunning in her bikini photos. She doesn’t wash her face in the morning or use exfoliators, yet it’s hard to believe that the famous actress Salma Hayek has just turned 57. When she posted yet another makeup-free selfie on her Instagram account, her followers couldn’t help but shower her with comments.

She often posts no-makeup photos.

While many celebrities retouch their photos for flawless looks, Hayek shares numerous makeup-free selfies on her Instagram account. She has never undergone Botox and attributes her youthful appearance to favorable genetics and meticulous skincare. “My grandmother taught me how to take care of my skin from a very young age. I have no Botox, no peels, no fillings,” she shared.

Her followers admire her honesty.

Hayek’s many Instagram followers admire her for posting natural photos of herself. She chooses not to dye her grey hair and recently revealed a simple trick she uses to hide the silver strands. She jokingly wrote, “Here is a tip to cover your white hair without dyeing it... Don’t wear your glasses on your hair!” The comments section was filled with compliments. “Gorgeous! Show those stripes off,” one follower wrote. “Those platinum glitter strands you detest are proof positive of your divine wisdom,” another user added.

She doesn’t overwash her face.

The actress thinks that the skin requires its natural oils to keep looking radiant and free from wrinkles for a longer time. “My grandmother taught me to never wash my face in the morning. What happens at night is your skin produces all the oils that your skin needs to look youthful. It regenerates. So, wash your skin really great at night, but don’t wash the hard work off your skin in the morning,” she said.

She is very careful not to over-exfoliate her skin.

According to the actress, exfoliating your skin too frequently might end up causing more harm than good in the long term. “Exfoliating a lot may make you look good in the short term, but not I think, in the long term. I see many women in L.A. who have exfoliated so much they look shiny,” she shared.

Salma Hayek is very open about flaunting her amazing body. She’s regularly posted many pictures of herself in swimwear on her social media. She admits that she doesn’t exercise much because she works more than 16 hours every day, but her personal trainer taught her how to keep her body toned without going to the gym.

Preview photo credit salmahayek / Instagram


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