Sarah Paulson Paid a Sweet Birthday Tribute to 81-Years-Old Girlfriend Holland Taylor “One and Only Love”

6 months ago

On January 14, 2024, the talented actress Holland Taylor marked her 81st birthday, and her longtime girlfriend, Sarah Paulson, took to Instagram to share a touching tribute. The post featured a compilation of intimate moments, family gatherings, and sweet memories, showcasing the enduring love between the couple. As the entertainment industry celebrated this milestone in Taylor’s life, Sarah Paulson’s heartfelt message and charming video provided a glimpse into their remarkable relationship.

In a heartwarming Instagram, Sarah Paulson expressed her love for Taylor on her 81st birthday. The post included a series of pictures and video clips capturing their journey together, including moments spent with family and friends. Paulson’s caption radiated love as she referred to Taylor as her “one and only love” and expressed that Taylor is her world.

Adding an extra layer of emotion to the Instagram tribute was the song “Seasons” by Needtobreathe playing in the background. The video served as a visual journey through the years, reflecting the depth and enduring nature of their relationship. Notably, the couple first crossed paths at an industry party in 2005, setting the stage for a love story.

The timeline of Paulson and Taylor’s relationship is a prove of the enduring power of love. Initially meeting in 2005, both were involved with other partners. However, a serendipitous reconnection through Twitter in 2015 led to a dinner date and the blossoming of a deep connection. The confirmation of their relationship came in December 2015, followed by their red-carpet debut at the Critics Choice Awards in January 2016.

Over the years, both Paulson and Taylor have openly shared their love story with the public. In interviews and public appearances, they have discussed the strength of their bond, with Paulson praising Taylor’s intelligence, wisdom, and wit. In a November 2023 interview on The View, Paulson celebrated their eight-year-strong relationship, emphasizing the importance of feeling seen in a partnership.

Holland Taylor’s past relationships remain private, but in August 2020, she identified as gay during an LGBTQ&A podcast. On the other hand, Sarah Paulson, who had a seven-year relationship with Cherry Jones and was engaged to Tracy Letts, shared in a 2016 interview that her sexuality is fluid. She expressed attraction to older individuals, perhaps influenced by the complexities of her family life.

Sarah Paulson’s heartfelt birthday tribute to Holland Taylor not only celebrated a milestone in Taylor’s life but also provided a glimpse into a love story that has stood the test of time. Their public declarations, enduring commitment, and openness about their journeys highlight the beauty of love in all its forms. As they continue to navigate life together, Paulson and Taylor serve as an inspiring example of love’s ability to transcend age and defy societal expectations.


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