Science Suggests Couples Who Regularly Cuddle Can Become Addicted to Each Other

2 years ago

Cuddling doesn’t just show your ability to sympathize, it also lowers your level of stress hormones, some researchers say. Besides, if your cholesterol is high, hugging helps to balance it. But there is one more thing. It can actually be addictive.

Bright Side will share with you how experts concluded that cuddling could be what brings you and your better half closer together, so you have a reason to hug even more.

Cuddling releases a feel-good substance in the brain.

Cuddling may help you to build a long-lasting and stronger relationship. It works exactly like kissing your wife before leaving for the office. It can add 5 years to a man’s life, while cuddling can add years to your relationship, scientists believe. Couples won’t deny that the act of cuddling builds intimacy in the relationship, but they could doubt that it makes them addicted to each other. One simple hormone is the reason behind this romantic addiction: Oxytocin.

The hormone was first analyzed as the substance that triggers labor in women. And it’s the same chemical that commands the brain to release milk for the newborn. It is also responsible for making mom and baby bond and get closer to each other. Over time, scientists have realized that the hormone produces feelings of happiness, warmth, and love. It basically makes us feel good.

How your body makes itself addicted to your soulmate

Scientists have also discovered that it’s released in high amounts by our brains when we make bodily contact with someone who is important to us. Simply put, it makes us addicted and our bodies want it more and more, according to some new research. So, if your partner is obsessed with cuddling with you, there can be a scientific explanation for this.

Oxytocin can reduce the possibility of cheating.

We tend to want to be monogamous creatures and create families. But experts are still trying to figure out why this is the case. According to the theory of evolution, men are supposed to want to spread their genes, which they could do by having relationships with multiple women. Surprisingly, oxytocin may play a part in whether they stay loyal.

Research done by psychiatrist Rene Hurlemann has suggested that frequent bursts of oxytocin make our partners more attractive to us. Plus, a constant release of oxytocin triggers the discharge of dopamine, another feel-good chemical. It’s no wonder we can become addicted to the one we cuddle with. Chemicals may be the reason.

What would you say makes you fall in love with your partner every day? What do you think is the key ingredient in every successful relationship? Share your romantic tips below with the community!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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I don't know if I wanna get addicted to my husband... Hahah


OMG this can even prevent cheating! Everyone, start cuddling NOW!


I love cuddling, by far my favorite part of the day is when I get to hug my boyfriend in the bed


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