“She Does Have Cosmetic Surgery,” Salma Hayek’s Post for Pierce Brosnan Gets People Talking

3 weeks ago

After Pierce Brosnan’s 71st birthday, his friend and former co-star Salma Hayek Pinault sent him a belated birthday wish. But instead of focusing on the birthday, many comments were about Salma’s noticeably changed appearance, speculating she had plastic surgery.

The 57-year-old actress shared a tribute on Instagram to star Pierce Brosnan, celebrating his birthday with a message reflecting on their time working together.

“Happy belated birthday dear @piercebrosnanofficial 🥳🥳 such fond memories filming with you over the years #AfterTheSunset,” she captioned a photo of them from the 2004 action comedy.

Even though it has been 10 years since they last appeared in a movie together, that didn't stop Hayek from paying tribute to her former co-star. Indeed, Salma Hayek and Pierce Brosnan worked together on After the Sunset. In the film, Hayek and Brosnan played master thieves Lola Cirillo and Max Burdett, respectively, who retired to the Bahamas after a successful heist. Their on-screen chemistry and comedic timing contributed significantly to the movie's charm.

Long before they worked together, Hayek was a fan of Brosnan’s breakout role in the TV series Remington Steele. “I was already a huge fan before I ever met you, from Remington Steele. So when we did meet, I was trembling,” she remembered.

Despite the sweet moment of cherishing a friend, reactions were mixed. Some praised the duo of friends, but others pointed out that in the vintage photos Salma shared, they noticed something different about her appearance. Many speculated she had plastic surgery, given her changed look.

One comment went like this: "Oh so she does have cosmetic surgery!!!", and many underneath it agreed and shared the same opinion. Another replied, "This has always been known. I don't think she tries to hide it."

Another user wrote in Spanish, "Sin tanta silicona," meaning "without all the silicon," suggesting she had changed since the moment in the picture and is now all about silicon surgery.

In another picture of Salma, similar comments appeared. One user wrote, "Your plastic surgeon deserves to go to heaven." However, many comments also celebrated her beauty and highlighted how young she looks despite being 57.

Salma always surprises her fans, like when she shared makeup-free biking pics.


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