Somebody Asked What Women Should Be Allowed to Do Without Being Judged, and Now People Are Sharing Their Opinions

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We constantly hear things like, “Women should do this,” or “Women shouldn’t do that.” Because of this, a guy took to the Internet to ask everyone to reveal what women should be allowed to do without being judged by society. And we have the answers today.

  • Fart, I dated a girl who farted one time in front of me and started crying because “it’s so gross.” snackfood109· / Reddit
  • Age. butkusny / Reddit
    My wife is 9 years older than me. We’ve been together for 10 years now. She’s starting to get gray hair and I find it beautiful. She’s a great woman. EliteEight / Reddit
  • Be comfortable in clothing. I’m a guy, and I mostly go after comfort and keep it reasonably fashionable, i.e., a plain T-shirt, track pants or jeans, and a pair of sneakers. You can basically wear that anywhere and look decent, but from what I have experienced through significant others or family and friends, being comfortable and fashionable as a lady is a bit harder.
    Side note: Male formal shoes are way more comfortable than any heel or pump. This is the world we live in, people. PsyFi_ZA· / Reddit
  • Walk outside in the middle of the night or any time of the day. Not being attacked and wearing whatever they want. the_jupiterka / Reddit
  • She should absolutely be “allowed” to have proper sized pockets in her clothes! LUFCSteve / Reddit
  • Getting angry because of very understandable things without getting called bossy, being on our periods, being called difficult or crazy, or gaslighting. DatWasAJoke / Reddit
  • Not shaving body hair. Why can dudes have hairy arms and legs, but women have to shave or wax to look “presentable?” the_philosophic_123 / Reddit

What other things should women do without being judged that we might have missed? Write your thoughts down in the comments!


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