Taylor Lautner Struggles in Airports Because He’s Married to Taylor Lautner

8 months ago

When Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome tied the knot, they embarked on a journey brimming with love, dedication, and even a sprinkle of amusing mishaps. Picture both of them sharing the exact same first name — it’s akin to a scene from an offbeat romantic comedy, isn’t it? However, in real life, they’ve encountered their fair share of challenges due to having identical full names.

The “Taylors Lautner”

Taylor Lautner, renowned for his portrayal of Jacob Black in the Twilight series, found his life partner in another Taylor, namely Taylor Dome. Their union was so significant that Taylor Dome took the heartfelt step of officially changing her last name to “Lautner” following their marriage.

These two lovebirds share a unique situation, and they’re not shy about having some fun with it. In fact, when Taylor Lautner made a cameo in a Taylor Swift music video (yep, another Taylor!), the three Taylors decided to recreate a famous meme. The three Taylors—Lautner, Swift, and Dome—came together to humorously recreate a famous moment in pop culture: the Spider-Man meme. This meme revolves around the concept of discovering your doppelgänger, where two or more identical individuals point at each other in amazement.

The Lautners are pretty chill about their lives and marriage. They even run a podcast together called “The Squeeze,” where they spill the beans on their adventures. And regarding the name issue, dealing with having the same name as your spouse can be a bit of a head-scratcher. But Taylor Lautner and his wife Taylor have come up with an adorable way to handle this situation.

Why did she take his last name?

Taylor Lautner has been in a romantic relationship with Taylor Dome since 2018. They went public with their relationship that year, and Lautner proposed in November 2021. They sealed the deal with a wedding on November 11, 2022.

To add an interesting twist to their story, he shared that before they tied the knot, his soon-to-be wife, Taylor Dome, a registered nurse, had plans to take his last name, so she was going to be Taylor Lautner as well. In a way, they effectively doubled the world’s population of Taylor Lautners!

Lautner seemed to acknowledge the peculiarity of his bride taking his entire name, humorously noting, “We’re literally going to be the same person,” and even calling it “narcissistic.” Despite this self-awareness, he proposed in front of a neon sign that read “Lautner”. He shared:"I left it up to her. I told her, ’You can do whatever you want.’ But she wants to take my name, so it’s definitely going to be a bit confusing."

The two Taylor Lautners also serve as an interesting example of the ongoing debate about whether women should change their last names when they tie the knot, which has been kind of a hot topic in recent years. Take Jennifer Lopez, for instance; she bid “adieu” to her famous name and legally changed it to “Jennifer Affleck” on their marriage license. This decision stirred up quite the discussion among fans and even celebrities.

When Lopez signed off her newsletter as “Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck,” it left people scratching their heads. Comedian and actor Katherine Ryan, for one, expressed her thoughts on this, saying, “Changing your name makes very little sense to me, but it makes ZERO SENSE AT ALL when your name is Jennifer Lopez.”

However, while Jennifer Lopez symbolically waved goodbye to her well-known name, as she remarked: “People are still going to call me Jennifer Lopez”; Taylor Lautner (Taylor Dome) has warmly and fully embraced his husband’s identity.

How their family members identify them.

The Taylors have found a clever way to deal with the confusion at social gatherings or among family members. To keep things simple and avoid any mix-ups, they’ve turned to their middle names. In a recent interview with Taylor Lautner and his wife, the naming confusion that comes with having the same first name in a relationship was brought up, and it was asked how their friends and family refer to them, wondering if they call him “Taylor” and her “Tay.”

Taylor (the wife) grinned and admitted it could get a little puzzling sometimes. She explained that they had established a system of differentiation, with her being “girl Tay” and him being “boy Tay.” She mentioned that it had become a common practice, even when they weren’t together.

The airport struggles

Still, the couple takes their shared name in stride, often spinning it into funny stories that they can share with their family and fans, making everyone laugh. The actor Taylor Lautner shared the comical situations that arise because of their identical names.

Taylor Lautner explained that having the same name can lead to confusion in various aspects of their lives, including when they order items online. He humorously mentioned, “Now that we officially have the same exact name, packages are becoming tough. We need to figure something out because when I’m buying stuff for her, and she’s buying stuff for me, we’re gonna have some surprises spoiled if we open the wrong Taylor Lautner packet.”

It even gets funnier than this. For example, when they travel together, airport security becomes a comedy show. Lautner (the actor) described how airport staff and the TSA would often encounter confusion about their shared names. According to him, they would inquire, “Which one of you is Taylor?” and in response, the couple would humorously reply, “Both of us.” This is also usually followed by another question, “Which one of you is Taylor Lautner?” to which they would amusingly answer, “Also both of us!”

This situation would sometimes raise security concerns, as Lautner said, “They’re like, ’Ehh, this seems fishy,’ we’re going to send you to security.”

For the Lautners, their shared name will likely continue to generate funny stories, giving them something to chuckle about with their future kids and extended family. In the grand scheme of things, life’s quirks often turn into its most charming moments, and the Lautners have certainly found a way to make their shared name an amusing part of their journey.

Taylor and his wife are adored by their fans, having been in the spotlight for a considerable time. The actor has been the center of attention for years, and more recently, he opened up about the body image challenges he experienced while filming Twilight.


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