Ten Classic Clothing Combinations to Get the Perfect Image

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2 months ago

We want to look beautiful, bright and stylish at all times of the year, but sometimes it’s not easy to find perfect clothing color combinations. Our appearance is the key to success!

For these cases, Bright Side has prepared mini prompts that will help you find a suitable image and show you how to choose colors in clothing.


If you wear red clothes, get ready to be at the center of attention: this color is for self-confident people. A combination of black and red is a true classic. Choose clothes that show off the colors in large color blocks. For example, match a black and white dress with black tights and a red coat.


Don’t be afraid to combine pastel shades: it’s their time this year. The world famous Pantone Institute named two colors of 2016 — rose quartz and pale lavender. The upcoming spring promises to be tender and sentimental!


White combines well with all other colors. It looks particularly striking with blue, red and black. For a casual outfit, note the beautiful combination of white with gravel or brown. These reserved colors will look great in a business style.


For a long time, the combination of different denim shades was frowned upon, but now it’s very popular. Feel free to combine denim things. The main rule: the shades should not be the same. For example, wear a light shirt and dark blue jeans.

Marine style

Coco Chanel began to wear a sailor suit in the 1930s, and dark blue stripe is still considered one of the most stylish prints. The colors of marine themes are blue, white, black and red. Designers advise adding gold accessories to create a sophisticated image.


Mustard combines perfectly with brown, chocolate, wooden, beige and yellow. Also, to create a classic look, you can mix it with basic colors like white and black.


This incredibly beautiful color was named after the Sicilian wine, Marsala. It’s easy to mix this wine shade with many other colors. It combines perfectly with a classic trio: black, white and gray. Marsala can also be matched with beige, milk, and coffee colors.


Wear pink to create a delicate and feminine look. It combines well with white, beige, light blue, brown and blue. Pink makes the most advantageous combination with white: you can go to work or a business meeting in this outfit.


Grey doesn’t mean a boring color. It is an ideal office style base, but we do not recommend wearing it from head to toe. It’s better to combine it with green. Grey color mixes well with any shade of green, from mint to olive.


Blue is one of the most aristocratic colors in the color palette. It combines well with white, beige and ivory colors. You can also mix it with brown, red and yellow.


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