Ten ideas to make coffee even more delicious

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8 months ago

To make a really good coffee, you need to know some tricks, and Bright Side willingly shares them with you.

  1. Mix half a teaspoon of cane sugar with coffee. Warm it up a little on low heat, and then pour in water. Caramelized sugar gives the drink a unique taste and aroma.
  1. To have your cup of coffee without sediment, add a teaspoon of cold water in a cezve with freshly brewed coffee and wait half a minute. The coffee grounds will settle to the bottom, and you won’t need to filter your drink.
  1. A cup of cold coffee on a hot day — is there anything better? But instead of ice cubes, which can spoil the taste of the beverage, it’s better to use special coffee cubes. Brew several cups of coffee, and sweeten to taste. Cool the coffee to room temperature, pour it into ice cube molds, and freeze. Add several coffee cubes to milk, and enjoy a delicious refreshing cocktail.
  1. Coffee becomes simply delightful if we add spices! Put a pinch of cardamom in a cezve, add some ginger, nutmeg, or a cinnamon stick, and heat up over low heat. The drink will absorb the taste and aroma of the spices.
  1. If you add 2 or 3 small crystals of salt to your coffee they will strengthen the drink’s aroma and soften its taste a little.
  1. If you want to get the maximum rich and tart taste, remove a cezve from heat as soon as the coffee starts to boil and rise. Remove the foam, stir the coffee, and then put it back on the heat source. It’s better to repeat these actions three times.
  1. Coffee can be not only a drink, but also a food. For example, in the form of a coffee ice cream, which can nicely refresh you on a hot summer day. It’s easy to cook it.
  1. If you want your coffee to have a more soft and velvety taste, add half a teaspoon of butter when preparing it.
  1. If you prefer coffee without caffeine, add 2-3 cardamom seeds in a cezve. This spice destroys caffeine without altering the beneficial properties of coffee, and it gives a nice spicy aroma to your drink.
  1. In order to get the best taste and aroma from ground coffee, heat up the coffee in a cezve for half a minute, without adding water.
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