The 80 Most Amazing Creative Inventions and Concept Designs

9 months ago

Out of thousands of ideas realized and presented on various design-related websites, there are few worth really paying attention to. A unique design is not only about one great idea, but it’s also about the way you realize the idea in real life. Another important thing about new concepts and inventions is that they are made by people for people. That is why every designer’s creation must fit perfectly into our life to become an inseparable part of it.

Check out our list of the most outstanding and impressive inventions made by designers from all over the world.

It’s a real pillow fight!

Our world would be a better and safer place if people used these pillows to fight each other. Bryan Ku came up with the idea to create soft scimitars, nunchucks, grenades and other war stuff to please real pillow fight lovers.

‘Blooming’ lanterns

Citizens of Jerusalem are now able to enjoy an unusual installation in their city — it’s a set of large, 9-meter-high street lanterns designed in the shape of flowers that unfold their artificial leaves as a man or vehicle approaches.

‘AddWash’ feature for your washing machine

This smart invention was designed especially for those who start a washing cycle and then find some additional laundry to add. It’s extremely useful and a simple-to-use feature; the machine has an additional door, which allows you to add more laundry without stopping the washing cycle.

A thundercloud lamp

Thanks to Richard Clarkson everyone now can have their very own cloud in their apartment. And that is not all. The lamp can turn into a thundercloud, too! Such design with a built-in acoustic system allows you to enjoy the presence of a thundercloud in your room without taking the risk of getting wet and cold.


These tables are made especially for real cat lovers and their feline friends. Each of four wooden cubes has different holes that have been carved out. Your pets will definitely enjoy exploring them. You can place the cubes anywhere you like and use them as tables or chairs.

Cracked log lamps

Duncan Meerding, a furniture designer from Tasmania, uses old cracked logs to create his nature-friendly lamps. The lamp produces soft light and can also be used as a small table or something comfortable to sit on.

A heat/cold charging device

Epiphany One Puck uses a heat disparity concept to transform heat energy to electrical energy. The red side of the puck should be used for hot beverage and the blue one for your cold drink. Place it on the platform and 30 seconds later you can charge your phone and enjoy your drink, of course.

A river table

Greg Klassen, a furniture artist and designer, inspired by the natural beauty of wood, came up with the idea to create a river table. Look at it; it seems like a river is carved in the wood.


No more pain!

A sign projector for bike riders

‘Cyclee’ is a sign projector concept designed by Elnur Babayev from Azerbaijan. His idea is all about the safety of bike riders while they are riding at night. ‘Cyclee’ projects warning signs on the back of a rider depending on his actions.

A nest bed

Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr, a designer duo from Israel, came up with some unconventional looking pieces of furniture. Their bed is shaped like a nest, and it can fit up to 16 sleepy birdies. It’s also available in four different sizes.

Rainbow table

American designer John Foster succeeded in combining glass and light reflection in his magical invention. His cocktail table is made of craftily cut glass crystals, which divide the natural light into hundreds of rainbow reflections.

A bookmark lamp

This is a great gift idea for those who love reading and can’t put the book down, even at night. This bookmark is also a source of light which will be just enough for you to enjoy reading without disturbing others.

Diamond glasses

These stylish glasses really look like diamonds. The shape allows you to rotate the glass and then enjoy the full-bodied flavor of your favorite drink.

Furoshiki shoes

Inspired by the traditional Japanese style of wrapping, which is called Fukoshiki, Masaya Hashimoto invented the Furoshiki shoes. They have no shoelaces, so you fixate the shoes with a velcro patch at the heel. They will literally wrap your feet!

A bathsphere

Alexander Zhukovsky, a Russian designer, created a hanging glass bathsphere that will definitely mix up all your feelings. When you’re inside this amazing sphere, you will find it difficult to tell whether you’re levitating or submerged into water.

Pencil-to-jewelry transformation

To make her creative jewelry, Anna Čurlejová, a designer from Czech Republic, uses colored pencils only.

‘Magwear,’ a handy magnetic wristband

With your Magwear wristband you won’t lose any metallic object while hanging pictures, sewing, or doing any other job that requires using small metallic objects.

’The Loch Ness monster’ ladle

Look, it’s the Loch Ness monster coming right out of your pot! Now you can spice your soup up a little by adding some Scottish legend into it.

This faucet turned water saving into a beautiful process

Simin Qiu, a young designer from London, came up with the brilliant idea of how to combine water saving, energy saving and great design in one single invention. His faucet saves up to 15% of water in the same pressure and also makes the running water so enjoyable to look at by swirling it.

Your personal barista and alarm clock in one device

Joshua Renouf, a British creative designer, made every coffee addict’s dream come true. He invented ‘The Barisieur,’ a coffee alarm clock, which will serve you a cup of coffee in the morning. Imagine what it will be like to be awakened by the smell of your favorite drink.

A balloon-shaped lamp

A great decorating idea for your children’s room. They will totally love these balloon-shaped lamps that are always right there in their bedroom.

Laser headphones

The Glow Laser headphones light up with vibrant laser technology that pulsates to the music you’re listening to. They can also check your heart rate, which makes them very useful for those joggers who prefer running at night.

A smart plate

Annet Bruil, a Dutch social designer, has found her way to create a positive impact on people in their struggle to become healthier. She designed a special plate with sections that visually divide your food and show the sufficient amount needed of each kind.

Shoes with removable heels

You can magically turn your comfortable ballet flats to stylish high-heel shoes. Tanya Heath, a fashion designer from Canada, invented interchangeable heels to reconcile comfort and style. The heels come in variety of colors and styles, so that you could mix and match them your very own way.

‘Rainy day’ pots

This insanely cute little pot can be attached to the wall. Place the water into the cloud reservoir and your plants will be watered with filtered rain right from the ‘sky.’

A window balcony

With minimum efforts you can easily transform your window into a balcony.

A surrealistic tea set

D-Bros is a Japanese design brand that created a unique teacup set called ‘Waltz.’ The saucers are colored in different patterns, whereas teacups are covered with palladium, and once placed on the saucer, they reflect those colorful patterns. A magical dance indeed!

A cute bookmark

This little bookmark will brighten your mood and light your way through the story.

A Kotatsu table from Japan

A Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese low table covered by a futon, or heavy blanket. There is a heat source underneath, which is often built into the table itself.

Embossing rolling pins

What a brilliant idea to make your cookies look more fun! These embossing rolling pins will decorate your pastry with your favorite pattern. The first rolling pin was engraved with a kitty pattern and it became a huge success on the Internet. Currently there are many different patterns you can choose from — animals, flowers, geometry and many more.

A mirror shaped like your sunglasses

These huge sunglasses will go well with other modern interior ideas.

Herb scissors

This is a must-have for your kitchen if you want to cut those green herbs in no time.

A table for a real hard-worker

Is your team working hard on some very serious project and you have a strict deadline to meet? This invention is just the right thing for you. While one of your teammates is sleeping under the table, the other can use the work space above.

A glass inspired by the mountains

A team of glassmakers from Oregon decided to ‘add’ some nature to their hand blown glasses. Now every time you drink your favorite beverage, you can see Mount Hood, the local landmark, which stands at 3,450 meters high.

A ‘Moon’ lamp

This super realistic ‘Moon’ lamp will bring some outer space attitude to your life. You can hang it or place it on some surface. It comes in 7 different sizes, and the smallest one can fit into your hand!

Inflatable mattress on wheels

Just perfect for those who love to travel in the car.

A hands-free umbrella

Nubrella is put on just like a backpack and provides a complete hands-free capability. You can go for a walk with your dog, ride a bike, and take photos even if it’s raining outside.

A perfect anti-stress ball

This anti-stress ball is covered with a special mesh bag. When you squeeze the ball, it starts looking like a bunch of grapes, or maybe an infectious disease. Who can tell?

A longboard stroller

Dads, you should definitely try this modern style of taking your baby out for a stroller walk!

Bottled lights

With LED Bottle Cork you will easily transform your empty bottles into lamps! The device is shaped like a cork that recharges via USB. It’s waterproof too, so you can also use it outdoors.

USB rechargeable batteries

A simple yet very neat idea!

A ‘More Sky’ window

Aldana Ferrer Garcia, an Argentinian designer, believes that while living in densely populated cities, we all constantly need sunlight and fresh air. With his new window design you can enjoy looking at the sky whenever you want.

A scooter suitcase

Slovenian designer Bostjan Zagar designed a suitcase that is also a scooter. Now you can ride your suitcase to the airport!

Spaghetti Measuring Tool: ’I could eat a horse’

No more leftover pasta!

A pencil lamp

‘Michael & George’ is a husband-and-wife team that launched a new lamp line. The lamp looks like a pencil; those black lines ‘drawn’ by the pencil are just its wires, and the eraser on the top is the light bulb itself.

AeroBull speakers

Jarre Technologies, founded by the legendary musician Jean Michel Jarre, designed stylish wireless speakers, AeroBull HD. As the company states, AeroBull is a ‘120-Watts bulldog beast when it comes to making music.’ It comes in three colors and costs €1,499.00.

A bubble lamp

Giopato & Coombes, an Italian-English design duo, inspired by the lightness of soap bubbles, came up with a very interesting design of new ‘Bolle’ lamp. Every sphere of the lamp is made from hand blown Murano glass.

Meatballs basket

Have you ever tried perfectly grilled meatballs? Not yet? Now you just have to cook them on your backyard grill!

Cuddle mattresses

Cuddle Mattress has those special slats that allow you to snuggle all night long, and there won’t be any extra pressure on your arm. You will find it super comfy if you love to sleep on your side or on your stomach.

Umbrellas with invisible prints

Prints and patterns on these umbrellas can only be seen when it’s raining.

Cake layers slicing kit

With this invention you will find the process of cake layer slicing extremely easy and fun.


Luminoodle is a portable multi-purpose lighting solution that you can hang on a tree, or just put it on the table. This LED rope light works anywhere, and it’s waterproof, too!

A stress ball with zoom effect

You will be able to look closer at the very detailed city map only if you squeeze this stress ball hard enough to zoom in.

A stroller-bike

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This smart idea will turn your everyday stroller walks into real adventures.

Real weather visualization device

Ken Kawamoto, an engineer from Japan, has always dreamed of combining the digital world and real life. This idea turned into a very interesting invention, Tempescope — a device that visualizes various weather conditions like rain, clouds, and lightning. It does everything but snow ... What a pity!

A coffee mug that catches coffee drips

This coffee mug will prevent you from ruining your shirt with coffee stains thanks to the special reservoir running around the mug.

Spaghetti Bench

This will totally go well in the backyard of your summer house.

Egg white separator

This adorable little fish will easily separate yolk from its white.

A mini-stroller

This cool stroller folds up small enough to fit into your backpack. This is exactly what you need if you’re traveling with a child.

Traveling closet

A very stylish suitcase transforms into a closet with drawers. And the handle lengthens to host hangers too!

Dance shoes

Ready for some father-daughter dancing?

A self-stirring mug

It will easily stir your drinks, just press the button.

A hi-tech heating device

This hi-tech, minimalistic device will heat any liquid — tea, coffee and even soup — at the temperature of your choice.

Silicone stretch lids

Finally! We can substitute that food-wrapping film and plastic bags with this great silicone stretch lids.

A portable coffee machine

With this miniature portable coffee machine, you will be able to enjoy some espresso wherever and whenever you want.

Sanitizing wand

This handy device uses UV light to kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms and it will sanitize all the solid surfaces in your house.

A flexible cooking container

It may look a little strange but it does really make the steaming, boiling or blanching process much easier.

Easy-to-open packaging tape

You don’t need scissors and knives to open the box that was sealed with this tape. Just pull the cord and the box is open!

Available parking spot detector

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Green and red lights over every parking spot indicate if the parking spot is free or occupied.

A multi-purpose frying pan

Now you can cook your eggs and pancakes at the same time!

Impressive knitted hats

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Some really awesome knitted hat designs you won’t see every day.

Citrus spritzer

It’s pretty handy.

SOFT Rockers

This hi-tech invention charges during the day with solar energy to supply you with soft lights in the evening.

A nightstand with pull-out tray

If you enjoy having breakfast in bed, this nightstand is just the right invention for you.

A scooter backpack

This scooter easily transforms into a backpack and you can take it everywhere you go!

Bright toilet design

This design took the Internet by storm, and it’s easy to see why. How does one get an idea like that?

A portable printer device

Printeroid is a clever device that allows you to print out documents directly from your iPhone or iPad. This miniature, easy-to-carry printer requires a special photographic paper available in 10 meter rolls. It also prints business cards, tickets and stickers!

A bee hive that harvests honey automatically

Bees are provided with a partially-completed walls of honeycomb cells that are ‘sealed’ with bees wax. When the cells are filled with honey, the beekeeper can open the other side of the box, allowing the honey to flow out into a tap without disturbing the bees. After the process of honey harvesting is over, the bees open the cells again and fill them up with honey.

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