The “Dancers Among Us” Project Is Taking the Internet by Storm

3 years ago

As William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage.” And almost 500 years later, Jordan Matter, a photographer from New York, has taken this quote to heart and created Dancers Among Us, a project that captures professional dancers in everyday settings like streets, cafés, and airports. This incredible photography series illustrates our daily routine with the help of beautiful ballet dancers.

Here at Bright Side, we have collected some photos from the Dancers Among Us project that can teach us to celebrate all aspects and emotions of everyday life.

Inspired by his 3-year old son’s imagination and ability to be wholly present in the moment, Jordan Matter got the idea to take pictures of professional dancers jumping and flying through daily life.

As a result, nearly 200 of the artist's photos were collected in a book that has become a worldwide bestseller. None of the shots were digitally altered, and there were no “special devices” to help the performers catch air. This makes the project even more impressive.

Jordan says, "Dancers are amazing; they are risk takers trained to push their limits. They don’t know how to say no! They know their bodies, and the ones I like to work with will try anything at least once. For the record – I’m in my fifth year of photographing dancers and no one’s gotten injured! It looks crazier than it is."

The Dancers Among Us project was featured on the Today Show, Tyra Banks, MSNBC, NBC, MTV, BBC, ZDF TV; and in the NY Daily News, Washington Post, O Magazine, Dance Magazine; along with countless newspapers, magazines, and blogs all over the world.

For the dancers, working with Jordan is a real adventure! He makes sets in different countries and environments using natural light and by pushing his models to get the perfect movement.

Not so long ago, Jordan opened a YouTube channel with 10 Minute Photo Challenges. These videos of the rapid-fire photoshoots with dancers and models in difficult locations have already become huge YouTube hits!

Meet the photographer himself!

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Preview photo credit Jordan Matter


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