The Heartbreaking Reason Why Priyanka Chopra Was ’’Pushed’’ to Leave Bollywood

4 months ago

Priyanka Chopra got honest about the reason why she had to leave her Bollywood career despite her massive success there. We admire her courage to speak out about her past troubles, and we believe that some of us will totally relate to her story.

She had issues with people from the industry.

Just a few years after winning the title of Miss World 2000, Priyanka was able to build a successful acting career in India, her native country. But despite being a star there, she ended up moving to America to start from scratch.

The mother of one shared that she struggled with working alongside certain people in Bollywood and that’s why she decided to move to Hollywood, despite enjoying her work on Bollywood projects.

Speaking of her life-changing decision, the star admitted, “I was being pushed into a corner in the industry.” She explained, “I had people not casting me, I had beef with people.” Chopra, who noted that she is “not good at playing that game,” realized at that point that she “needed a break.”

She also became a singer at one point.


Consequently, the actress took time-off from her acting career in India when she got a chance to travel to the United States and work in the music industry. This opportunity eventually led her to sign a contract with Interscope Records as a singer in the early 2010s.

She explained, “When this music thing came I was like, you know what, I’m going to go to America.”

Upon collaborating with artists like Pitbull and Will.i.Am, Priyanka came to the realization that her talents were better suited to acting than music.

As a result, she began pursuing roles in Hollywood because, in her own words, she felt like she was “having trouble back home anyway just being cast in the kind of movies that I wanted to be cast in.”

She made it big in Hollywood as well.


And in 2015, the actress landed the leading role in the series Quantico in which she starred for 3 years. She recalled, ’’That one audition at that phase in my life really defined me.’’

From then on, Chopra maintained a thriving career in Hollywood, appearing in several blockbuster films, including Baywatch and The Matrix Resurrections.

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She also found love after moving to Hollywood and starting a romance with Nick Jonas, with whom she tied the knot in 2018. The pair, whose love story resembles a fairy tale, became parents with the birth of their beautiful daughter, Malti.

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