The Rock Sings the Song From “Moana” to a 3-Year-Old Fan Battling Cancer

2 years ago

While the whole world is going crazy for Keanu Reeves’ awesomeness, it looks like that he’s got quite a confident competitor. And that happens to be Dwayne Johnson. He managed to become more than an actor for a Texas-based family (and thousands of other people) after he posted a video recorded specifically for their sick son.

Bright Side admires that the actor took some time to provide support and hope to a little boy and acknowledge that his family is going through the struggle of their life.

“I am strong,” — Hyrum repeats these words every day.

Hyrum Harris is only 3 years old, but right now he is in the beginning of a fight for his life with a very dangerous rival. Several months ago his family was told that their son suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. On top of that, he also has Down syndrome, chronic croup, asthma, epilepsy, and FPIES.

"I am strong,"— his parents are teaching Hyrum to tell himself these words daily. And there is one guy who helps him feel like that — it’s Maui from Moana, his favorite cartoon. “He watches it when he is scared, when he is in pain, and when he wants to laugh and sing and dance,” his mother April Harris says. And since all of these can happen within one day, he watches the cartoon over and over again — sometimes up to 10 times daily.

The Rock heard about Hyrum and prepared something special for him.

While we aren’t quite sure if it was just luck or something else, it just so happened that Dwayne, who voiced Maui in the cartoon, had heard of Hyrum. He decided to not just sit there and do nothing, and instead he did something really special for the little boy. To make his journey a bit easier he recorded a video just for him.

In his message to the little boy, the Rock says that he admires Maui too. He shares that some people tell him that he sounds like the kid’s favorite character and then sings a few bars of the You’re Welcome song. Dwayne also makes some sweet jokes like “I know you’re like, ’Dude, leave the cool singing to Maui,’” and tells Hyrum be strong.

Hyrum’s reaction was beautiful.

Hyrum’s reaction was wonderful, his mom says. When he heard his name, he smiled wide, pointed at himself, and repeated his name. He laughed at the joke that someone’s head size could be just the same as the size of a rock. “He looked at me with big eyes when the song began and sang You’re Welcome right along with the video,” his mom shares.

But what is also important is that the video managed to lift the spirits of all the people in the hospital who saw it. It especially gave a boost to the family. Hyrum’s reaction reminds them that cancer is not taking their boy, just his energy.

April shares daily updates about Hyrum’s condition. You can follow her FB or IG accounts. You can also check the #hopeforHyrum hashtag.

If you want to support him and his family, you can donate here.

In your opinion, can a short message be helpful in this kind of situation? How do you usually support those who need you?


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