10 Times Matthew McConaughey Proved to Be a Mama’s Boy and Made Us Go “Aww”

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2 years ago

Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey has nothing but love for his mother, Mary Kathleen, known as Kay, a schoolteacher and published author. She’s 90 to his 52, and still spry as ever. McConaughey admits that she taught him to not complain and to go after his dreams, whatever they may be and how he’s cool being a mama’s boy.

Bright Side delved into their ultra-sweet relationship and how they overcame some hurdles to be stronger and closer than ever.

1. Matthew McConaughey credits his Ma with his fame.

McConaughey remembers that growing up, he took part in a pageant, and she told him that he won “Little Mr. Texas.” When he looked at the winning picture closely, he discovered the trophy said: “Runner-up.” When McConaughey asked his mom, she simply said that the kid who won had more money and bought a 3-piece suit, implying he won by cheating.

So for her, he was Little Mr. Texas. McConaughey said, “This is consistent behavior from my mother.” She has always had the utmost confidence in him.

2. She always had his back, so now he has hers.

McConaughey was headed to law school before the expense and other things changed his mind. He was wary about telling this to his parents, but says, “When I summoned up enough courage to tell them, there was a long silence. Then they asked, ’Is that what you want?’ I said, ’Yes.’ They said, ’You had better go and do it, then.’” So he did.

And today, when she wants to be in a movie he’s doing, McConaughey introduces her to everyone around the set to make sure she can achieve her dreams as well.

3. He appreciates the tough love he got from her.

Matthew never answers to Matt, never. And he learned his lesson well when he responded to a child calling him “Matt” one day in kindergarten and got a blasting from his mother. She told him that his name was Matthew and it meant something, so he should never answer to Matt. And so he doesn’t because she may be 90, but Matthew is still a little scared of his Ma.

4. He remained patient with her during some tough times.

McConaughey’s mother did go a little overboard when he became famous, oversharing anecdotes about his childhood with the media. While McConaughey warned her not to do that, Kay could not stop. McConaughey remained patient with her, and while he still spoke to her, he stopped sharing information with her, to avoid any leaks considering his career was still just taking off.

5. McConaughey patched things up with her after some sourness.

Of course, McConaughey loved his mother too much to let this become a permanent rift in their relationship. He waited until he was a big enough star and his career has stabilized enough to not let anything upset it. Then, he rekindled his relationship with his Ma.

He admitted, “My boat was built well enough that I didn’t think she could sink it, and then I just took the reins off and said, ’Mom, hit that red carpet. Talk to all of them, tell them all the stories you want!’ and she’s been great about it since.”

6. He was okay with her putting Camila through her paces.

After mom and son made up, McConaughey started dating Camila Alves in 2006. Kay made sure that her son was serious about the “right woman” by testing Alves, before giving her approval. Camila and Kay share a great relationship now, and admitted it on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Alves said, sitting with Ma Mac, “Throughout the time she’s been staying with us, we got to really connect and have fun together.” And McConaughey says his Ma taught him how to respect women and it always stuck with him.

7. The McConaugheys moved to Austin to be closer to Kay.

McConaughey and Alves tied the knot in 2012 and have 3 children together: Levi, 13, Vida, 12, and Livingston, 9. Matthew moved to Austin to be with his mother when she was 77. She’s 90 now. The actor says, “I realize that is fourth quarter stuff, so I said, ’Let’s get down closer to mom.’ So now, we see her every weekend instead of twice a year. That was important to the kids, important to Camila and I, and important to my mom.”

8. McConaughey and his Ma are open about their relationship hurdles too.

McConaughey’s book, Greenlights is his love letter to life and has been collated from years of his journals. It’s a no-holds-barred peek into his childhood and his relationship with his parents, and later, his mother. The mother-son duo is open about the issues they had, and how they overcame them to become even stronger than before. After all, she has always supported him, and he knows it.

9. She’s often his date at events.

When the red carpet events happen, McConaughey takes his mother along as his date, even after he got married. And he does not remember a day when she went to bed before or woke up after him the next morning.

10. Matthew McConaughey can’t imagine life without his Ma.

McConaughey remembers to celebrate Ma Mac on his social media on the important days, from her 90th birthday to Mother’s day. And he admires her spirit and her never-say-never attitude. As Matthew says, “Her favorite word is ‘yes.’”

In turn, Kate marvels at her son. Said she in an interview, “I look at these pictures [memorabilia she collected from his movies] and I go, ’Boy, what a life you’ve had, Matthew,’” she said. “I mean, just look at all the movies he’s been in and all the people he’s met, you know?”

What kind of relationship do you have with your mother? What do you admire the most about her?


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