“Bridgerton” Actress Nicola Coughlan Opened Up About Her Appearance, Kindly Asking Everyone to Stop Commenting on It

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Sometimes, people get perceived in the wrong way, rather than for their talents and work ethic. As an actress, Nicola Coughlan’s body is a gift, and she can use it to play many incredible women in her line of work. However, she just wishes to be known as an actress instead of someone who is accepted for a role based on weight only. “The prism through which my body is viewed is inescapable.”

We at Bright Side want to share the story of this sweet actress’s perspective on people’s opinions of her body.

Nicola Coughlan first encountered these remarks when she auditioned for a play called The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. She had spent 7 weeks preparing for the role, complete with many hours perfecting her accent and researching the history precisely in order to put herself in the ideal world of this character, Joyce Emily — a fascinating, rich girl that no one could manage.

Coughlan spent so much time working on this character only to get a very unkind review that was centered around her appearance. These words about how she looked were so irrelevant, because there was no description of the character’s weight or size. Even though she can take these kinds of comments well, she felt very belittled.

Not only does this occur with celebrities, but it happens in family gatherings as well. If you have ever been at a dinner with your family, and they mentioned your size once or twice, then you probably know how Coughlan feels.

The actress uses her social media accounts to openly talk with all her fans. She recently shared that she understands people aren’t trying to be rude or offensive, but she’s a human like everyone else, and it’s difficult to take in so many irrelevant comments. If losing weight was a requirement for a movie role, she wouldn’t have a problem with it.

People’s relationships with their bodies are very personal, and she believes she can do whatever she wants with hers. If becoming muscular and tanned was on her to-do list, she would pursue that, since it’s her own decision and no one else’s.

Coughlan is aware that she isn’t alone in this journey, and she follows the example of other people in the industry who are going through the same types of comments. “I hope in the future that more people will talk about our work, our inspirations, our drive, rather than our looks.”

There are many different people who have things to say about the actress. Coughlan acknowledges the fact that people will have opinions and unpleasant things to say simply because she’s on TV. But she doesn’t sympathize with people sending these opinions to her direct messages on Instagram.

Coughlan also shared that she gets deeply uncomfortable and sad when interviewers ask her questions about her body instead of asking her about her passion for acting. “My body is the tool I use to tell stories, not what I define myself by.” People are truly too beautiful, courageous, and valuable to be seen only through their physical appearance, no matter who they are.

Nicola is well known for playing Penelope in Bridgerton, and she’s currently working on season 3 with her wonderful crew. But she has also acted in the British sitcom, Derry Girls, where she made a big impression on viewers as well and is finishing up with the final season.

Have you ever felt the same way as Nicola? How have people changed your perspective?


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