This three-question Tibetan test can reveal a lot about who you really are

10 months ago

Turn off your logical thinking, relax, and try to answer these three questions that play with your subconscious. Try not to think too long about your answers — just say whatever comes into your head first.

If necessary, write your answers down. At the end of the test, you’ll learn something important about yourself.

  1. Imagine there are five animals standing in front of you. Put them in an order which you like:

A cow, a tiger, a sheep, a horse, a pig

  1. Describe every object in this list using just one adjective:

A dog is...

A cat is...

A rat is...

Coffee is...

The sea is...

  1. Think about five people who are important to you. Choose a color for each of them from the following list. You can only choose one color for each person.






Now let’s take a look at your results:

  1. Your answers to the first question are shaped by your priorities in life:

The cow indicates your career.

The tiger is your sense of self-worth.

The sheep represents love.

The horse represents family.

The pig represents money.

  1. Your answers to the second question can reveal how you see your life on a subconscious level:

The association you have with the dog indicates how you see your personality.

The association you have with the cat symbolizes the personality of your partner.

The association you have with the rat indicates how you see your enemies.

The association you have with coffee is your attitude to sex.

Your description of the sea describes your life overall.

  1. The colors are determined by your attitude to the people in question:

Yellow is for the person you’ll never forget that had a significant influence on your life.

Orange is for the person you consider a true friend.

Red is for the person you love with all your heart.

White is for the person you consider a kindred spirit.

Green is for the person you’ll remember to the end of your life.

P.S. It is claimed that this test is accurate 97% of the time. What were your results?

Preview photo credit SHEER-MADNESS


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